Delta Faucets America Trusted Faucet Manufacturer

Delta Faucet Company came in early 1954 to address the need for improved design of the old residential tap. With the invention of the cable tap single ball valve, an American legend was born. Alex Manoogian probably never imagined the success he had growing in their hands with this new wonder, inventive. However, Alex Manoogian completely remade the faucet industry. Today, Delta Faucets are still the most innovative and technologically advanced on the market, but Delta is also a leader in style, fashion and sophistication. With more than 150 million of these individual taps handled in American homes, Delta is the manufacturer of America's trusted faucet.

The company has continued with treated tap only on innovative projects. No, years later Delta Faucets designed and built the first electronic hands-free, automatic faucet. These automatic valves are used worldwide in businesses and homes. Delta knew I had a good thing. In the 70s, the Delta was the first to test a serious advertising. Finally, the Delta was the first company to use PVD technology in their taps. Delta Faucets has proven to be a leader among the other high-quality companies faucets.

Delta faucets are sold in thousands of home decoration stores in the world. Delta has a proven reputation and the reputation attracts a large base of loyal fans. The Delta website has a store locator for a location near you. Of course, there are many ways to purchase Delta tools and a brick store and regular mortar. If you want to shop in the comfort of your own home, you can try shopping online. If you are interested in customizing your Delta faucets, ask the dealer.

Delta offers much just to meet your needs. More popular than you can get chrome, stainless steel, brass and tin in various degrees of color enhancements to better suit your lifestyle. Delta is a technology leader and can therefore offer an affordable price in all taps. Delta offers these unique valves and sophisticated for you, how you want, and affordable. Usually these beautiful faucets never come to more than $ 800 USD. As you can see, Delta faucets offer the best quality at an affordable price. When you buy a Delta, you get the latest technology available and innovative features not available anywhere else.

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