Denver Broncos Continue As Team Surprise 2009 NFL Season

Few thought that the Denver Broncos would get for such a fast start, but it has happened.
The 2008 season was a disappointment - while the Broncos started well, the strength of their time is one of the toughest championships. If the Broncos are 8-8 will be a miracle. As good as the '09 season started for the Broncos, can run so fast.

After disrupting QB Jay Cutler to the point where he wanted to be traded, the Broncos seems they were convicted.
WR Brandon Marshall was very close to leaving the team too. No coach wants to lose his two best players before the team still leads the field.

Broncos defense was a big surprise to date. They have one of the best defenses ranking league from now. His defense was that Achilles heal in 08 'and cost them a chance for the playoffs.
QB Kyle Orton is the prototype of the "game manager" as it will not be implemented huge performance statistics that Drew Brees or Peyton Manning, Orton will not lose many games too.
When the weather cools in Denver, the Broncos must run the ball more. Many people thought that the Broncos were a team 4-12 or 5-11 early in the season. The Broncos were one of the most amazing teams in the league so far. The only competition Broncos in the AFC West are the San Diego Chargers, naturally.

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