Detroit Pistons and Boston Celtics

NBA teams are well equipped and talented, but there are games that basketball game enthusiasts are so eager to watch. This is due to the history of the rivalry between the teams. This rivalry is between the Detroit Pistons and Boston Celtics.

These two teams played against each other in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association with such spirit and enthusiasm that each game is a classic in the history of basketball. These games have always been a celebration for fans of both teams and for those who love the game in general.

Some of them were Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. Apart from these five times the Pistons have the advantage with three wins. The Celtics could win only twice in 85 and 87. The Celtics were no match for the young Pistons bad boys. The latter became the seventh game and also the Pistons have proved their metal by setting up a tough fight. Unfortunately, the Celtics won with a narrow margin of only three points. This defeat was a shock for fans of the Detroit Pistons and the team. They were the favorites to win the championship. They took their revenge by beating them in the next two seasons consecutively.

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