Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls

Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls Reviews

And Detroit Pistons have become a major presence in the world of basketball and the way his game has not been so simple. There was a lot of rivalry between the teams and a rival team in the Pistons was the Chicago Bulls.

This rivalry began in 1988 during the Eastern Conference Games. He was in the semifinals that these teams come head to head. Michael Jordan was at its peak during this period of time and in their games against the Pistons, scored highly.

Defense Pistons found it very difficult to contain Jordan. He scored 59 points and, therefore, the Bulls were victorious. He was the top scorer in the previous victory also against the Pistons.
These defeats were furious Pistons coach and introduces new plans to prevent Jordan from them furious. The individual talent of Jordan was not enough for them to cop with new strategies Pistons.
In 1989, they became the best team in the league, with a better balance of 63 victories record. During the 1989-90 season, the Pistons could be at the top in the capable strategies held by the then coach Phil Jackson and Tex Winter technical assistant.
The strategy created by them was called as the offense station or triple triangle offense and proved to be a handful of other teams. So they defeated the Bulls again, then won their second consecutive NBA championship.

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