Detroit Pistons May Have A 09-10 Basketball Win Season?

Detroit Pistons want to forget the 08'-09 'season. Be 39-43, most people agree that does not deserve a birth in the playoffs, but they have not changed the rules Pistons faced the number one team in the East at the time. The trade of Allen Iverson was a disaster and the Pistons played disinterested at once. The Pistons would dry long score that essentially ended their season in the All-Star break.

With a new season comes new hope for Pistons fans. The potential of all Pistons star Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, who both come off their best season of his young career gained. Ben Gordon made his money in his performance in the playoffs against the Boston Celtics - if not resign with the Chicago Bulls was a mistake or not, it should play throughout this season.

There is no doubt that the Pistons have the talent of your team today - but will mesh all the talent together for a successful season? A player will average more in both rebounds and points C Chris Wilcox. H
ead coach John Kuester will certainly have their hands full this season trying to acclimate new talent with the old. Kuester will coach to help return Pistons atop the Eastern Conference? That's why we play the games.

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