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Florida Phosphate Mining Disaster

area of ​​bone valley, also known as the Peace River watershed is located in the southwest of central Florida, about 30 miles east of the Tampa Bay area. Florida currently contains the largest known phosphate deposits in the United States.

Here you will see lots of very big square or rectangular pit mines in artificial form, full of clear, cool water crushed aquifer systems.

These squares wells filled with freshwater aquifer differ from beautiful lakes and lagoons of Florida natural blue. These squares wells giant craters are made by synthetic excavation dredgers phosphate for phosphates hundred feet in the natural water supply from Florida. The water supply is in the form of groundwater or "aquifer systems". Google Maps clearly show draglines phosphate stripped and scarred the land southwest of Central Florida with a full square mile of a single phosphate mine.

Term, phosphate industries' 'sterile' is more commonly known for making person as lakes, ponds, trees, pastures, land grass, rivers, natural springs, groundwater systems, watersheds, etc. countless volumes of water are no longer contained in the aquifer system are free to fill newly created phosphate pits in the ground southwest of Central Florida.

To date, thousands of square miles of critical wetlands, aquifers systems and watersheds continue to be purchased by the mining of phosphate industry to content opencast mines. Unfortunately, these permissions granting access strip mining phosphate rich geography of Florida, including exclusive aquifers Florida. Florida aquifers took nature millennia (thousands of years) to improve and many are now completely gone.
Phosphate in Florida is more valuable watersheds and aquifers in Florida? Florida's political and mining open pit phosphate that it is every day. The Department of environmental protection services from Florida said: "... in 2000, $ 1.13 billion worth of phosphate fertilizer was exported from Florida becoming one of major exports of Florida. "

Draglines phosphate in action

The United States Geological Society (USGS) estimates dredges can be hundreds of feet high and weigh hundreds of tons, too. The dragline removes up to 100 feet of land known as overloading the phosphate industry. Unfortunately, the first 60 feet of earth contains treasures of Florida.

The head is simply discarded, leading to "spoil phosphate cells." Phosphate mine shafts appear similar to a lunar landscape with opposition the natural beauty of the appearance of Florida. the mining of phosphate pit opening works 365 days a year throughout the south central Florida. This incessant removal of overburden from Florida phosphate industry causes irreparable damage to the aquifers of Florida.

River basins and aquifers

The Peace River basin covers 2,300 square miles in the southwest region of Central Florida. It contains most of the mining industry of the Florida phosphate, including the Bone Valley. As mentioned above, the mining of phosphate companies used dredges to remove surface soils (known as overburden) a hundred feet down, removing thousands of contiguous acres of aquifer systems Florida.

State of Florida law requires that the surface (60 feet deep) should be recovered. Wetlands are recovered in an acre by acre, the type of base type. The phosphate industry reported more than 180,000 acres (728 km2) were recovered in the basin of the Peace River. The phosphate industry vigorously promotes its recovery projects to restore wetlands and watersheds.

All the truth

Aquifer systems can not simply be replaced during the recovery phase. Aquifers are parties, as well as one of the most amazing natural resources of Florida, plenty of fresh, clean water. The phosphate industry claims that they recovered more than 180,000 acres. Ironically, the phosphate is a drop in exports.

Draglines Defined Job

Wikipedia states, "dragline long walks, running twenty-four hours a day in surface mines, excavate raw phosphate pebbles mixed with clay and sand (known as matrix) in bone Valley ...".

Florida aquifer systems connected to cesspools?

The holes may be induced by large amounts of water consumption, the band included phosphate mining. These holes form on the basis of types of aquifers rock formations, the formation of the destruction of the aquifer, and the lack of groundwater. This is based on the geological hydraulic pressure created by the water systems. Again, the evidence points to the phosphate industry in the form of holes caused by the formation of aquifer destruction.

Aquifers are hydraulic lifts of nature. Filled with water, aquifers can not be compressed so that the surface above the groundwater systems is stable, meaning that there are no holes. This large volume of water fills extraordinarily huge deep well with clear, cool, clean water. The most interesting kind now working against us in the form of holes develop more and geologically nearby aquifer systems crushed ..

Southwest Florida watersheds and aquifers plants have disappeared because of the training system aquifer destruction through phosphate mining operations in the open.
Treasures of Florida, known in the phosphate mining industry in Florida that the phosphate overload, are destroyed for valuable phosphate.

Florida aquifers must be completely removed with the overhead using a large draglines phosphate. precious phosphate is removed from the leaves (visible Google Maps) huge blue holes. These beautiful big blue holes are tens of thousands of acres of strip pit phosphate mine, where local natural aquifers have been completely destroyed.

Not surprisingly, the Tampa Bay area in Florida is a sinkhole disaster. This area is directly adjacent to the largest phosphate mining belts in the continental United States, where the surface of the earth throughout the southwest central Florida "is supported by the largest aquifer system in the state. This system is known under the water Flordan system.
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(1) The United States Geological Survey (USGS).
(2) The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Service.

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