eBay Said eBay Motors Pro

eBay Said eBay Motors Pro Review

Classifieds now have eBay.co.uk with the birth of eBay Motor Pro. Recently introduced business merchants on eBay, this new ad format is ideal for car dealers with a large inventory of stock for sale, or offer vehicles that do not match the regular auction or buy now format.

Initially, eBay Pro engines offer two months without trial risk that will be attractive to most traders, giving them the ability to determine if the package is good for them.

What makes different ad other eBay selling format is that all sales are generated outside and away from eBay. Those interested email the dealer about the car and are free to exchange contact information.

In fact, eBay is selling the opportunity as a way to "advertise their cars on eBay Motors, and generate multiple links to your showroom." All ads appear on the results of the regular eBay search, so that dealers should have no trouble gaining exposure for their listings additional vehicles.

eBay Motor Pro seems to offer true altering dealers who have their own website. Only in the coming months, we will see if eBay Motor Pro will work for retailers and eBay to increase market share further from competitors like AutoTrader and Yahoo.

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