The Iceland Northern Lights

The Iceland Northern Lights are not the only reason for a trip to the north; vast southern Iceland charms lie in its impressive collection of majestic waterfalls and glaciers, unique geology and fascinating medieval history.

Southern Iceland is a parameter of the most popular sagas of Iceland and home to many of his heroes, for example, the saga of Njall - which is probably the best of Icelandic sagas of the 13th century - is largely located in southern Iceland. The renowned saga is based on the problem of blood feuds in the Icelandic Commonwealth, demonstrating how the requirements of honor can lead to minor offenses spiral to the outpouring of destructive and prolonged blood.

The other principle character, the fearsome warrior, Gunnar Hamundarson so- saying come in Hlidarendi Fljotshlid near Hvolsvollur. The southern Iceland region also contains two of the most important places of power in medieval Iceland. Skálholt was where the Bishop of Iceland was 1056-1106, when the northern Iceland received a bishop himself. Considered a site of particular historical interest and offers something to look out for among the glorious Iceland Northern Lights. Another historically important seat of power in Thingvellir in southern Iceland, which was the place of meeting of Althingi, the Parliament and common courtyard founded in 930, and that Iceland was declared a republic in June 1944 .

The eastern region of southern Iceland is dominated by Vatnajökull glacier, which with some of the surrounding area, so Vatnajökull National Park, the largest national park in Iceland. Can -you imagine a finer setting for the dazzling lights of North Iceland?

Clearly, during the visit of the famous Northern Lights Iceland, you will not have to struggle to keep you entertained during the day, with many monuments and fascinating attractions south of Iceland offers.

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