Fat Subway Jared

The story begins in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, where one Jared S. Fogle was born on 1 December 1977. Participation of North Central High School, Jared was massively overweight, weighing 425 pounds, and wearing shirts of famous 6XL. As a student at Indiana University, Jared rooms with a doctor who diagnosed edema, after being sent to hospital. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Jared decided to act. Intrigued by a metro station "7 for 6" local advertising campaign (which offered a menu of seven sandwiches, each with less than six grams of fat) started a diet of a turkey club sandwich 6 inches to lunch, and a vegetable under feet long for dinner. The scheme has been a success; within three months Jared had paid nearly 100 pounds, and the visible reduction in size spurred him to start taking regular exercise. Instead of using transport, Jared began to walk wherever he could, Choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. Hit by a massive weight loss Jared, a dorm-mate who barely recognized him (because of his new slim look) wrote an article on Jared for Daily Student Indiana in April 1999. Health writer of playing a man section and went on to write a piece for the magazine included a mention of "Subway Sandwich Diet" in an article entitled "crazy diets that work."

The owner of a Subway franchise in the Chicago area read the article, and went to talk with the director of Metro Chicago advertising agency, believing that history could be used to promote the company in some way. The snowball situation and it was not long before Jared was allowed to tell his story to the camera, which later became a television advertising campaign across the country.

Trade has been a huge success; the next day it was first shown, Metro Marketing Director began receiving calls from USA Today, ABC News, Fox News and even Oprah. Jared is now a well-known phenomenon that was parodied in several shows and traditional television movies, including The Simpsons, "" South Park, "" Scary Movie 3 "and" Saturday Night Live ". It continues to be employed per meter as fitness and spokesman of healthy eating.

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