Florida Springs Economy Help Boost Florida

Florida is known for its wonderfully inviting natural crystalline sources. Natural springs in Florida are local visual treat and has no equal on the basis of many sources. The state of Florida has purchased seventeen springs for your state park system. A 2003 study by Florida State University found that four of the largest sources of income made US $ 280 million annually and created 750 jobs.

Is Florida a lot Springs?

Florida has more than a thousand large springs of the state. The main sources are popular attractions "Old Florida" travel and entertainment that bring millions of dollars and jobs to the annual state of the economy. Now some of Florida's best swimming holes have signs "No Swimming" displayed based on public health concerns. The algae are not just a minor problem. The species called "Lyngbya wollei ", can be toxic to humans.

In 2002, state officials began to register complaints related to the growth of algae. All issues related to algae in Florida's state parks are saved when people came into contact with the algae, complained of rashes, hives, nausea, itching and seizures 'asthma. In 2002, the DEP concluded dissolved nitrate levels springs to be 0.35 milligrams per liter of water (w / v) or less. Fifty springs, DEP monitors, seventy-five percent exceeded the level of nitrate (0.35) mg.

Healthy springs down Florida

Florida officials became aware of a problem when the Department of protection of the environment biologist Jim Stevenson noticed changes of water in the spring. Mr Stevenson, who is also a freshwater cave diving, wondered why Wakulla Springs in northern Florida, sometimes filled with murky water.

The park was privately owned and operated at that time and provided the welcome relief sweltering Florida summer. The water was crystal clear and abundant. The main spring in its deepest was about ten feet deep on the opening of spring and covered an area the size of a shaped football field "U". The small resort is approximately three to four feet deep and the size of a small swimming pool.Today, the spring is about three feet deep and filled with algae eating fish and the small spring left.

Florida's mismanagement of officials "to Florida's fresh water resources have made fresh water sources are polluted. Florida elected officials continue to yield to pressure from businesses. The state is "allowing" the phosphate industry to pump quantities (unlimited) of water per day, out of the aquifer systems in Florida. The phosphate industry is the largest user in the industry of the state of fresh water, in this case the Mosaic mining company.

From where elected Florida's stand on this issue?

Florida elected "sides with developers and the fertilizer industry (phosphate extraction) on public health, fisheries and tourism," said an editorial in the largest state newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times. Elected officials have ignored the impact on property values ​​and the state's drinking water supply security. Instead, legislators were more concerned about maneuvering and political campaign contributions to repair the environmental damage , according to the Tampa Bay Times.

David Guest lawyer with the Judge of the Earth presented numerous legal battles over fresh water. The industry that produces the largest amount of pollutants and the phosphate industry.


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