Hello Kitty Early

Everyone has the favorite animated character during childhood. The leaders of the animation industry are Disney and Warner Brothers. Disney, as a large film industry, a Donald Duck Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and many other famous animated classic characters and modern in his films, while Warner Brothers heroic characters of Marvel Comics like Superman, Spider -man, Captain America, Iron man. Despite these two great leaders in this industry, Sanrio, which released the animated series for children since 1977.

The animated character is Hello Kitty. The oldest animated series Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater were entitled Hello Kitty. In Spain, Hello Kitty series were dubbed using the Spanish and broadcast on Saturday mornings on Univision. A cute Hello Kitty face and good moral of the story is the reason why girls choose Hello Kitty and friends as their favorite character animation. Hello Kitty and her friends have become legend since that time; Therefore, today we can still see a lot of girls and children love Hello Kitty.

In Japan, Hello Kitty games achieved success in 1992. In the history of Nintendo NES game console PlayStation 2 and X-Box, we can find many different versions of Hello Kitty games. People always like this character animation so far.

Due to the success of the series and games, as the owner of Sanrio Hello Kitty, you can use the popularity of selling many products using this character animation. They produce many products Hello Kitty and sell them on the market. The target markets are the children, students and youth. Stationery, books, drawing books, comics, bags, and many other things that are used by students and teenagers are the subject of Hello Kitty products. They buy the products because they like Hello Kitty and all that it has Hello Kitty on it. This shows that Hello Kitty still has a big impact for children today.

In many third countries and develop local garment enterprises benefit from the popularity of Hello Kitty. They design and print Hello Kitties images on their products, such as shoes, shirt, rules, pants, gloves and your other products to make their products become more profitable. In this case, the local garment enterprises should have asked permission and pay royalties to the owner character Hello Kitty, Sanrio.

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