Hello Kitty Started as an Image for The Cards and has Become Much More

Created on 1 November 1974 by the Japanese company Sanrio, the cartoon character Hello Kitty has reached a very high level presented all over the world, especially the United States. Fictitious "cradle" of Hello Kitty is Suburban Cambridge where she lives with her parents George and Mary Bell. She has a twin sister called Mimmy and several "friends", it is commonly associated. The world of Hello Kitty contains many other famous characters, including but not limited to Batz Maru Pochacco, Keroppi, and her boyfriend Hello Kitty Dear Danial but Hello Kitty is definitely the most popular.

The design of Hello Kitty was originally designed for the cards, but when obvious popularity of the character began to rise, more and more products began to use the image Hello Kitty. Initially, these products are directed towards the young female population over time, but other types of products added to the brand.

Today, there is a Hello Kitty version of almost any item you can imagine, as a popular digital camera line Hello Kitty backpacks digital watches Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty for children tote their books in a colorful style. On another interesting note, in 2005, Eva revealed airlines first jet aircraft in the world Hello Kitty. To put into perspective the right amount of fame Hello Kitty generated, consider this: the Sanrio company has created more than 400 different and unique characters. Than $ 800 million dollars, half of which comes from the only benefits of Hello Kitty.

So what exactly led to the rise of Hello Kitty glory? In the late 1990s, celebrities such as Mariah Carey started promoting Hello Kitty. Several other famous icons have followed suit, and today, Hello Kitty has been linked with the likes of Carmen Electra, Mandy Moore, Paris Hilton, and Ricky Martin to name a few. As Hello Kitty is often seen in many different outfits, some people think that designers behind Hello Kitty clothing to describe their emotions and, therefore, it should not have a mouth.

Others think that the design Hello Kitty, Sanrio company wanted to keep it independent of any nation or culture, so that created no mouth to speak it no individual language. Whatever the real reason behind this mystery, Hello Kitty has reached the top of the character of cartoon graphics in the world.

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