How not to Solve The Crisis in The Niger Delta

Despite the millions of dollars in military managers who earn wages and crisis public relations executives in the use of oil companies operating in the region of the Niger Delta oil-rich Nigeria, it is still disconcerting that oil companies do not see the current crisis coming. Now the conflict threatens to reverse the proportions as well as oil and flames spewing from the explosion and many of pipe wells scattered around the Niger Delta region. Maybe the struggles and death of Saro-Wiwa should have been a wake-up call to all those who have been milking the cow to death, and reveling vultures sides in the region of death, but greed seems to have taken over. Tests Nigerian governments federal and state to local governments have been beclouded, they refused to listen.

Serious concern is how the Nigerian government have gone on crisis management, there has been an almost befuddling passivity on their part with regard to the crisis in the Niger Delta.
While the signs on the campaign for the party in People's Democratic Power (PDP) in Port Harcourt, recently, President Obasanjo admitted neglect of the area by successive governments, he said, "Tell the truth, there had been neglect of this region negligence in the local community levels ,, state and federal past .. From pictures beamed around the world by publications such as National Geographic and reports of organizations like "Chop Fine Human Rights Watch report, one can easily see that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta People (MEND ) Niger Delta peoples volunteer Force of (NDPVF) and several other militia groups operating in the region have a case, and they certainly mean business. "Time to vigorously protest this gross injustice is now. The Nigerian government tried to contain the crisis in 2006, when he announced that the government will spend billions of naira for the construction of bridges and viaducts across the Niger Delta region. The ad itself, which is a warped idea of ​​PR shows that the government is not fully in touch with the realities on the ground in the Niger Delta region. Although the government has defended its decision stating that the effort would help create local jobs, advertising key issues rarely discussed in the heart of the crisis in the Niger Delta, such as the control of resources, poor living conditions producing communities indigenous oil, gas combustion, oil spills and other environmental disasters in the region because of the activities of oil exploration companies. The proposals of the Nigerian government to build bridges and viaducts across the Niger Delta region is derived from a poverty of thought and lack the fundamental questions addressed strategically, so insurgencies and unrest in the region has not diminished.

Maybe this could be a good time to review both the operating mode or reject the Niger Delta Development Commission completely (NDDC). Although created with the best intentions, the organization, however, a nesting ground for corrupt officials, whose propensity to misuse of allocated resources for development in the Niger Delta region for personal use caused the communities in question whenever billion naira the Commission argues that it has invested in the region have disappeared. The culture of sleaze in committee was symbolized by the former president, the fugitive billionaire fugitive in exile and Master Eric Opia who took the Commission for cleaning when it was still known as areas of mineral production Oil Development Commission ( OMPADEC). Ugochukwu is the People's Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for governor in Abia state in the next general elections in April / May, while Aguariavwodo, the outgoing director resigned his appointment to contest a ticket to Governor of the PDP in Delta state. Former Executive Director, Finance and Administration of the NDDC, Timi Alaibe has now been confirmed as the new CEO taking over from Aguariavwodo Alaibe and is also known to be the face of the home state of Bayelsa Government , oil-rich state of DSP Alamiesegha home deposed governor.

The recent comments credited to the Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar is worrying, he said that the Nigerian government has ordered arms and ammunition worth US $ 2 billion that you want to use to quell the insurgency Delta Niger. The militia in the Niger Delta are home in the creeks of the Niger Delta and would be an easy target for the federal troops, the government plans to send to the region. The government should think twice before embarking on the road of perdition that means the ruin of innocent citizens living in the communities of the Niger Delta militants and federal troops who pay perhaps their combat life war unjust, so as US soldiers in Iraq.
Credit militants of the Niger Delta, they begin to run large-scale oil workers kidnapped most of which they eventually release in exceptional circumstances. It is this human side that the Nigerian government should examine whether Obasanjo's government want to add to their catalog of abuses and injustices of human rights against the people of Nigeria.

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