How to Hire a Face Painter for Your Event

Which you need to hire a face painter. Like any artist you invite to private events, hiring a face painter can be a stressful process if you are not armed with some basic knowledge and some insider tips to help you smooth the waters . Hiring a painter is not difficult.

Face painters are the hottest thing in the planning of today's festivities. So much so that many companies have started hiring painters, clowns and other performers for children's store openings, the days of family and customer appreciation events. Because companies are, mostly, three steps forward and painters often reserve months before your event. This means that the more established painters have limited availability, especially when you call three days before his Saturday event.

Finding the right artist?
First, have your face professional artist / painter vs.
amateur painter. Professional painter will have a business-like approach to the event and all telephone consultation to monitor conversations and appearance reflect that you are dealing with a professional. Hobby / new painter or just beginning and work his / her way to professional status, or is there really someone who only sees the face paint as a hobby.

• A comprehensive website with information about the artists, the service offers and photos of faces that he / she paints. Some painters pictures "borrowing" or images with a watermark of other painters. If in doubt, ask the artist displayed each face was painted by him / her.

• Professional Products. Contractual agreements / Retainers:
Today, many experienced painters turned to the contractual agreement to ensure a group booking. Most painters who use contracts require them to be signed in order to confirm your reservation. You see, when an ethics painter accepts a booking, he / she must refuse other reservation requests that could cause a conflict with the reservation. If a customer decides to cancel the event or reservation, without giving the appropriate notice painter, the painter has not only lost money as the cancellation of the customer, but also all potential customers that he / she had to turn around.
Pay special attention under reservation agreement! This coverage is a guarantee for the client and the artist in the event of unexpected damage or injury, the painter is responsible.

First, PSA: Acrylic paint is not the face paint! responsible painters use only professional cosmetics FDA quality materials complies. In fact, most liability insurance providers require that covered face painters use only the type and composition of body art. All face painter who denies the potential harm by using acrylic, poster, seasons, or other craft paints should be avoided. The truth of the matter is, the low cost of craft paint face paint make it easier for parents to overlook any minor adverse events such as the cost of getting your face painted child. Painters use acrylic are able to charge so little for their work because their materials cost much less than professional products. The same attention should be paid to the type of light painter uses. If you do not ask other painters questions you think, ask questions about their products. Take time to review the pages of so many painters as you can. Established painters are proud to have a portfolio of work which shows his skill set. You should always ask to see a portfolio of painters work. A full range of images that a painter feels he / she can paint not guarantee that your expectations will be met in the time promised time.

Duration reservation:
What determines the amount of time you need for your painter for hire? The average number of faces that the artist can paint in an hour can vary from 8 to 30 (or more in some cases, extreme minimum paint). Professional painters form to be able to perform a wide variety of heads in an accepted industry time interval.

Your painter will be able to tell you the minimum and maximum number of faces can be painted in the period of time he / she says. There are cases where the painter can paint one or both sides that what they offer? Certainly! Today face painting is more artistic and attractive to men, women, young and old. For larger events, the simple math is give you an idea of ​​what you can expect from a face painter. There is no humanly possible way for a face painter to paint 60 faces at once. Unrealistic expectations will exasperate your painter and leaves you with unhappy customers. One of the biggest misconceptions is that demand for the painter to paint only small projects play is a solution for the small budget charade large guest list. In fact, it often takes longer to paint a train Choo Choo on a moving target (aka, the face of a child) than to paint a full face Spiderman.

Costs reserve:
A professional painter usually runs between $ 50 / h. and $ 200 / h. depending on your region and your level of experience. You see, it is a rare painter to work a working week of 40 hours. In fact, most painters work primarily on weekends and there are only so many reservations that can be added to the weekend appointment book. So what are some of these factors painters additional costs should consider?

• Training: Most painters attached to a training area, which can cost thousands per year.

• The cost of materials / equipment replacement: A professional paint kit can cost from $ 150 to thousands of fans to the more established pro.

Preparation of the event.

• The travel time, fuel and vehicle wear.
If you plan a painter event / time of several days will usually be able to offer a lower rate for the duration of the mass of booking.

Face painting is not available on the painter. We even practice costs. If you are looking to get a painter to a charity function, school event or any other event that request services donations, keep in mind that what may seem like a simple gift of time for you, it is actually much more painter you ask. In the case of face painting, free gifts service can easily generate a ton of calls for similar donations. as you can die from exposure to the elements, the company a face painter can suffer from exposure to customers who expect them to also make their events for little or no compensation, particularly when the main event of the customers are not likely to hire a painter.

In short:
Have a face painter for your event can be a unique way to treat your guests, young and old, for a bit of fun and fantasy.

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