Iceland not Only a More Beautiful Country a Strong, Well

The backbone of any country's economy. And beyond geographical factors, making a country known in the world economy. The stronger the economy, the more attention you attract people. Iceland is known to us all as a small and beautiful country. The Icelandic economy is a mixed economy which, although it is essentially capitalist, it supports the concept of a welfare state as well.
The standard of living in Iceland is very high and is comparable to most European countries. Privatization is quite rampant in Iceland, with only a few commercial banks and units of energy, always under the control of the government. The three major banks in Iceland include Glitnir, Landsbanki and Kaupthing Bank. The Icelandic stock market is called Kauphöll islands and its currency the Icelandic króna (ISK).

The most important industry in Iceland is fishing.
Most income in Iceland is generated from fishing and export of fishery products sector. As a result, Iceland is greatly affected by fluctuations in fish markets worldwide. The decrease in the number of fish in the Atlantic greatly affects. But Iceland has learned to survive well. Fishing is also the industry that spends more labor in Iceland, becoming very critical for the economy and the general welfare of Icelanders.

The other sectors that affect the economy here are the areas of manufacturing and services. But manufacturing also focuses a lot on the equipment necessary for the fishing industry and its products. Grazing ferrisilicon aluminum casting production are also other areas of notables. Even fast biotechnology began to gain ground here.

Icelanders benefit extensively and learned to use skillfully, its natural resources for the cable. Energy generation includes hydro and geothermal energy, thanks to the abundance of geysers in the area.
And Iceland to be so blessed naturally, how can we forget the impact of tourism on the economy? Recent off tourism has experienced rapid growth and contributes much to the Icelandic economy.
Iceland exports other than fish and the products expected of medical products. Otherwise, Iceland depends on imports for other products. Trade with European countries, the Scandinavian countries, Germany and the United States is common.

Iceland is therefore not invite only physically, but also has a great economy.

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