Japan Rail Pass FAQ

When people think of traveling long distance train in Japan, they often purchase a Japan Rail Pass (or JR Pass). So if you plan to visit the country, you need to buy before you get there. There are two types of passes - green car and common car. Green cars are considered first class cars and have seats that are larger than what you see with ordinary cars.

When visitors can use the Japan Rail Pass

There are several places where the Japan Rail Pass are accepted:

- Ferry Miyjima
- Railway between Aomori and Hachinohe Aomori

JR Trains - The JR pass is valid in almost all the trains on the railways of Japan, such as:

- Local trains
- Fast trains
- Express trains
- Limited Express trains
- Shinkansen trains

Tokyo Monorail to / from Haneda Airport - the Pass holders can access the Shimokita Peninsula and are authorized to stop and get only the following stations:

- Aomori
- Noheji
- Hachinohe

JR local bus - The pass can be used as local bus JR-operated. Although not many of them are available, they can be useful for tourists who want to visit the following areas:

- Kanazawa Station
- Kenrokuen
- Kusatsu
- Kyoto Station
- Ryoanji
- Lake Towada
- Onsen
- Sapporo
- Yamaguchi
- Hagi

JR passes are generally not accepted in intercity buses JR planned for the following lines:

Morioka - Hirosaki
Nagoya - Osaka / Kyoto
Nagoya - Osaka / Kyoto / Tsukuba
Osaka - Kasai Flower Center / Tsuyama
Sapporo - Otaru

A JR Pass is not valid or requires additional costs, except in the following cases:

- Mizuho form along the Kyushu / Sanyo Shinkansen
- Nozomi trains along the Sanyo / Tokaido Shinkansen
- The JR trains using tracks not JR
- Trains lining JR
- Funds bunks and special

Some additional features visitors received with a Japan Rail Pass include:

- Discounts on all affiliated JR Hotel
- Free seat reservations

Passes can be upgraded to Mizuho and Nozomi?

The Japan Rail Pass can not be updated.
Pass holders who want to ride the Nozomi or Mizuho rails must pay the price of the full ticket. Thus, visitors should be aware that trains to ship did not enter the tracks in the accident.

Green cars tend to have larger seats, extra legroom and the best service on board. While ordinary cars are fine for most travelers, those who want extra luxury needs the green car.

Is the green car for improvements a possibility?

You can get updates for the green car if you want. However, the common rail passage covers only the base rate. Thus, additional fee - green cars and expressed shinkansen or limited - must be paid for this to be done. 

The difference between the periods of 24 hours and calendar days

The next day Japan Rail Pass, no 24-hour periods. If your password expires while tourists are by train, the JR pass does not expire until the end of the trip (leaving the end station through the doors). If you need to transfer trains, you'll be able to do it without any problems. But if you need to transfer to a train - Express, limited express or Shinkansen - the transition does not cover this train.

Passes can be transferred or shared?

The only person authorized to use the Japan Rail Pass is the person whose name is printed on the card. the railway staff may ask the holders of passes to identify with their passports to ensure JR pass the property.

The JR Pass will work trains for the night?

No, dock fees for night trains is not completely covered, which means that the pass holder must spend extra to have one. Some night trains have special compartments or seats that do not require extra money.

How to buy and redeem for a Japan Rail Pass

Only tourists are allowed to purchase a Japan Rail Pass. Who is allowed to use a Japan Rail Pass?

The pass JR is eligible for short-term visitors to the country. Japanese citizens permanently living abroad or have a spouse who resides outside the country will have to present proof of residence abroad before being granted the JR pass.

Where can I be purchased JR passes?

A JR Pass can be purchased on the Internet or through any travel agent worldwide.

Vouchers can be redeemed at any major Japan Rail station designated in the country, including Kansai Airport Station and JR Narita Airport. Deliver good and passport for the team, and after a little processing, visitors will have their Japan Rail Pass.

How to choose the start date?

Once the pass was issued, there can be no change to the start date.

As Japan Rail Pass can be used?

We do not need any other ticket, unless you have booked a seat, which means that you will need the seat reservation ticket. These are free with the pass JR.

Automatic ticket gates can not be used

When using a JR card, you can not get through the automatic ticket gates. Instead, you must go through the manned gates and submit your rail pass for them. How can you make a seat reservation

All JR Pass holders can get their reservations available seats, with the passage of current at any Japan Rail ticket around Japan. It is mandatory to have security reserves?

Most trains, it is optional to have seat reservations with him that it is impossible for local and urban trains. In long-distance trains, most have no reserved seats. seats Yet a number of minutes trains have reserved and demand for reserves, and trains affected include:

- Most of night trains
- Akita Komachi trains along Shinkansen
- Hayate and Hayabuse trains along the Tohoku Shinkansen
- Narita Express

You must reserve a seat?

Most trains are not crowded. However, during the travel period busy, some trains can be booked for days. If traveling in a group, it is better to have safety reserves, especially if you want to be near each other. Remember, the seat reservations are free for people who are holders of passes.

Miss the train you have seat reservations for ... What happens?

It pays to have a Japan Rail Pass?

Not worth it if you are traveling alone in the city. However, it does not pay if you plan to travel long distances in a short time. Besides saving money, a ticket is convenient and flexible.

The passes are not accepted on Nozomi trains - one minute inconvenience, visitors travel on the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen lines. Some travel agents will charge a service fee or derogatory exchange rate, which can inflate the prices of railway tickets.

When Pay-Off occurs?

Passes seven days tend to cost the same amount as regular shinkansen tickets for a return ticket from Kyoto and Tokyo. Not much for your pocket if you travel less.

It is good Japan Rail Pass for urban transport?

If you are traveling around the city, it does not justify buying a JR pass. It pays for itself if you plan to travel around the country.

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