Japan Sites to See 5 Cities and Attractions

Japan Sites to See

There are many reasons why people choose to visit Japan. You may be planning a trip to that country in East Asia to do business. Or, you can have nurtured a lifelong fascination with the language and culture of Japan.

For someone planning to stay in Japan for a few days, you'll probably want to plan to do any day trips that are within walking distance of your hotel. That's good, and if you have never been to Japan before you will surely be able to fill your time, find local attractions.

There are many towns and attractions to visit in Japan. Some of these sites reflect the innovation and dynamism of modern Japan, while others are more historical in nature.

If you are looking for places to see Japan that will make your trip much more memorable, here are 5 cities and sights to see in Japan:

1. Kamakura (near Tokyo)

From 1185-1333, the city of Kamakura was the site of Kamakura Shogunate or Bakufu. Today Kamakura is a medium-sized city of about 175,000 people, located south of Tokyo.

If you or near Tokyo, and have an interest in ancient Japan - including his temples and shrines - you should really enjoy a visit to Kamakura.

2. Miyajima Shrine (near Hiroshima)

If your trip to Japan will be made at the Hiroshima area, consider visiting the island of Miyajima. It is famous for the famous torii gate, belonging to Itsukushima shine.

The bottom door is actually immersed in water at high tide, giving the appearance of floating on the water surface. It is considered one of the three most beautiful views in Japan.

3. Ichinoboh Onsen (Sendai):

In northern Honshu (the main island of Japan) is a large city called Sendai. There is a wonderful example of Japanese onsen, or hot spring.

The Ichinoboh Onsen regularly accumulates very high ratings to Japanese and foreign tourists. Visit an onsen will make your experience even more authentic in Japan.

4. Tokyo Imperial Palace East Garden (Tokyo):

Chances are good that your trip to Japan will take you to Tokyo. If so, take a local train to Tokyo Station or the Otemachi station and walk to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Free entry.

5. Bunraku National Theatre (Osaka):

Bunraku is the Japanese word for a particular form of traditional puppet theater. In a performance, you can see the old elements of the Edo period of Japan combined with modern theater technology.

For a taste of traditional Japan with a bunraku program, see the National Theater Bunraku Osaka. Visit one or more of these five famous Japanese sites during your next stay in Japan.

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