Learning Holiday in Iceland Customs

Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland is home to many volcanic mountains and glaciers which provide a beautiful setting for tourists. It also offers a range of outdoor activities such as whale watching, kayaking and horseback riding. Iceland has an interesting culture too, so before jumping on a plane to Iceland, it is good to know that even just a little, and learn the basic Iceland customs.

Like other Western countries, one of Iceland's customs shake hands in greeting to say "Hello." A kiss on the cheek is acceptable, too, with the "Sahel" greeting or "sæll" a phrase which means "happiness."

Another Iceland customs is to remove your shoes in the hallway upon entering someone's home. It is also common for Icelanders to invite guests to your home, so do not be surprised if someone invites you. You must not express gratitude, either, as the French or Japanese (saying phrases like "Bon Appétit" or "Itadakimasu"). Instead, eat a good heart and thank your host after the meal, shaking his hand.

You also have to remember to believe in trolls, elves, ghosts and other mysterious beings is one of the traditions in Iceland. In fact, many Icelanders will tell you that its lava and unique rock formations are the work of elves and trolls. They are also protected Elf Habitats. As a tourist in Iceland, you'll also be pleased to know that tipping is not a customs Iceland. Iceland is also a good destination for the Christmas holidays. If you are planning for an Icelandic Christmas, keep in mind that "Fars Gleileg jol og Gott! East" Merry Christmas "in the local language. Do not be surprised, or if Christmas seems a long time, because it is one customs Iceland 26 days of Christmas and not just one, but 13 Santa!

Now that you have learned about these basic customs Iceland, you are sure to have not only a memorable one, but an enriching experience in Iceland.

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