Makeup Tips for Different Types of Faces

Facial structures should be analyzed first determine the correct facial types for all the attractive features of someone's face can be made for and more beautiful.

Shaped oval face
Oval face is considered the most ideal way. In particular hair style or makeup correction is necessary with an oval face shape, it is a kind of very balanced face. Eyebrows should be cleaned in shape. Apply the blush on his face in the form of a "C" and must be mixed thoroughly to the outer corner of the eye.

Diamond Face Shape
the diamond shape of the face has a narrow forehead and chin with small bones of the face width. You need to reduce the width of the cheeks for an oval face, applying a little dark shadow of its foundation on his cheeks extending to the outer corner of the eyes. Lighter shade of foundation should be applied evenly on the forehead and chin to create an illusion of width to your face. Your eyebrows should be separated from the center following the natural arch. The lip color is applied to your natural lip line.

Face Heart
This type of face has a narrow chin, with a wide front. You can increase the width of your jaw line and chin with light shade of foundation and minimize the width of the forehead by applying darker shade of foundation. Your eyebrows should be straight and thick following your natural arch with the distance of an eye between the eyebrows. Lip color should be applied to the natural line of your lips.
White eye shadow or highlighter should be applied on both sides of his face and forehead center to create the illusion of width. Blush must be applied to the bone of the upper cheek.

Round face shape
This type of face shape has an equal length and width. You can add some length to your round shaped face to make an oval shape.
Dark color of the foundation should be applied on the cheeks and your jaw line to give a slimmer appearance. His cheeks would blush is applied close to and well mixed in the cheekbones. Lip color should be applied within your lip line. Eyebrows should be delightful in form. Eyebrow pencil should be used to give a long look in your eyes and eyebrows.

Square face
A square chin and forehead right is a form of strong face. The dark color of the foundation used on the sides of your face and jaw soften wide angles of your face. A square face shape gives a soft round eyebrows to the touch.

Long face shape
To reduce the length of a long face, you must create an obvious illusion of width. Eye Makeup should aim to achieve the look wide eyes. Apply eyeliner from the center of the eyelid and lean towards the outer corner of the eye. The lip line should look full in appearance. Deep foundation shade is applied on top of your forehead and around your chin and jaw to reduce the length of your face.

The shape of the pear face
Great line of wide jaw and narrow forehead chin are the characteristics of such a kind face. Applying blush on the cheeks should be well mixed with your jaw line.
Deep color of the foundation should be applied on their sides facing minimize the width of the jaw and face have a slim look.

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