Many Tourists Prefer to Spend their Holidays in Iceland

One of the most famous historical theories about Iceland is that the first visitors who discovered Iceland were monks who came from Scotland in the 8th century, however, the first human settlement in Iceland was at the late 9th century Many people who experienced the first Iceland came from Norway and Ireland.

Many travelers began to visit Iceland because of its unique atmosphere. The cold rivers cover over 10% of the area of ​​Iceland. Yes, the sun shines in Iceland throughout the day in June, whereas in December; the sun shines almost all night. These exceptional environments entice travelers to vacation in Iceland.

In winter, guests traveling in Iceland can see the Aurora, these surprising, yellow, green and blue pink lights from the north and south poles.
Where else in the world that visitors find the black volcanic sand beaches, this only happens Iceland.

Although the winter season in the country is very cold, many tourists prefer to spend their holidays in Iceland when the ice with its bright white color, covers almost everywhere, in contradiction with the black volcanic lava. Of course, the winter season is the best time for ice skating in Iceland with many wonderful places that are specified for skiing.

Whatever the season, travelers who choose to holiday in Iceland find plenty to explore. In the spring, the sun shines as another station. Iceland is characterized by more than 200 types of birds are becoming the destination of paradise for bird watching.

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik, which is famous for its many contradictions. In the city, you can see the old houses iron beside modern apartments high-rise buildings. This is the only place in the world where tourists visiting Iceland can see the beautiful gardens next to volcanic terrain.
The beautiful landscape that surrounds the city of Reykjavik provides guests with wonderful opportunities for fishing, golf, sailing, mountain hiking, and horseback riding. Due to the fact that Iceland has the lowest population density in Europe, the country is highly recommended for recovery.

Another very popular tourist spot included in many tours to Iceland's Lake Myvatn. Located in the north of Iceland, the lake is one of the most picturesque lakes in the world which houses the largest and most diverse types of ducks and birds.
The Blue Lagoon is a lake of natural hot water in Iceland, where the water temperature is 40 degrees year round. This offers guests enjoying their vacation in Iceland with the opportunity to swim in the coldest weather can imagine and feel hot at the same time. Iceland is a different unique destination for a holiday.

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