Mike Shanahan and the Surprise Hit Denver Broncos' Running Back with

After a difficult start in a season and a fourth as head coach of the Raiders, Mike Shanahan became one of the most successful coaches in the league, the formation of the Denver Broncos.

One of the recognized strengths of Shanahan is its ability to measure running back talent. He had a series of successful running backs and got most of them as waste other teams or the end of the NFL draft. Let's take a look at the history of the race supports Shanahan:

Season 1995 - Terrell Davis comes to town

1995 saw the rookie running back Terrell Davis destroy defenses when it came out of nowhere (actually, he left the University of Georgia, but was not drafted until the sixth round) to run for more 1,000 yards and catch almost 50 passes. Backup Davis this year was journeyman Aaron Craver had his most productive season win over 300 yards and also caught more than 40 passes.

Suite Excellence TD - 1996-1998

Each year the final round Shanahan steal Terrell Davis seemed to get stronger. Rushing for over 1,700 yards in 1997 and break the mark of 2,000 yards in 1998.

1999 - Olandis Who?

The Broncos were still able to get another 1,000-yard performance by returning running, but this time of Olandis Gary who in 12 games in his rookie season lasted from 1159 yards. The year 2000 saw another rookie Broncos running back to have a season in 1000 backyard. This time it was the turn of Mike Anderson, he gained 1487 yards and an average of 5 yards to.
2001 - Running Back by Committee

2001 was the first year since 1994 that the Broncos missed (leading rusher this year was Leonard Russell with 620 yards) 1000 rushing yards performance. The time was divided in 2001 between Mike Anderson (687 yards) and a recovery Terrell Davis (701 yards). As a team, it was still a very productive year running the ball.

Portis has exploded onto the scene with 1508 yards and yards 5.5 yards transport average. Portis was supported by two other ex 1000 rushers shipyard Olandis Gary and Mike Anderson, both averaged four or more yards per carry.

2003 - another term for Clinton

Clinton Portis proved his rookie season was no fluke again rushing for over 1,500 yards and averaged 5.5 yards per carriage for the second consecutive season. Portis backup this season was, among others, Rueben Droughns play an important role for the Broncos during the next season.

Rueben - 2004

With trade Clinton Portis for the Washington Redskins for cornerback Champ Bailey, the Broncos needed someone to step up and exercise area in the reverse position. Droughns had supported behind Portis, Quentin Griffith, Mike Anderson and the previous year, but in 2004, he ran for over 1,200 yards with a 4.5 yards per carry average.

Mike Anderson, who ran for over 1,000 yards for the Broncos during his rookie season in 2000 (five years ago) and was a support for the Broncos since returning in early role and put over a thousand yards the second and final time in his career. Tatum Bell, a second-round pick from Oklahoma State University, was also very well placed 921 yards and 5.3 yards per average. remarkable in 2005 the team Denver Broncos, was also a former Heisman Trophy winner and New York Giants running back Ron Dayne. Dayne played in a limited role, but had some great races, won over 250 yards and averaged over 5 yards per carry.

2006 - ring bells

2006 was the year of Tatum Bell to lead the Broncos in rushing when he set up a little over 1,000 yards on average very respectable 4.4 yards per carry. Make Bell safeguarding this year was Mike Bell, an undrafted free agent, if he ran for fewer yards (677 yards), scored six touchdowns as starter Tatum Bell.

Broncos coach Mike Shanahan was more about the different players running back posture that many people thought he would be able to, and he rarely gives something very valuable or use a project high round choice for people he used.

1000 Rushers court for the duration of Mike Shanahan (until 2006)

Mike Anderson - 2000, 2005 - 6th Round draft

Tatum Bell - 2006 - 2nd Round project

Terrell Davis - 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 - 6th round draft

Rueben Droughns - 2004 - Free Agent

Olandis Gary - 1999 - 4th round

Clinton Portis - 2002, 2003 - 2nd Round project

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