NFL Draft Spotlight by Team # 11 Pick by the Denver Broncos

Simulation project so far:

# 1 - St. Louis - Sam Bradford - Oklahoma

# 2 - Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh - Nebraska

No. 3 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy - Oklahoma

No. 4 - Washington Redskins - Russell Okung - Oklahoma State

No. 5 - Kansas City Chiefs - Eric Berry - Tennessee

No. 6 - Seattle Seahawks - Bryan Bulaga - Iowa

No. 7 - Cleveland Browns - Jason Pierre-Paul - South Florida

No. 8 - Oakland Raiders - Bruce Campbell - Maryland

No. 9 - Buffalo Bills - Jimmy Clausen - Notre Dame

# 10 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Earl Thomas - Texas

N ° 11 - Denver Broncos - Dez Bryant - Oklahoma State

Denver made some additions during the offseason, including NT Jamal Williams and QB Brady Quinn. Quinn had the pedigree out of college, now we will be able to see if Josh McDaniels can develop into an entry for 2011. Broncos signed DT Justin Bannan as Ravens DT Jarvis green and Patriots. The combination of these two new additions to NT Jamal Williams Chargers and the Broncos will have a new front 3 in their 3-4 defense. QB Jay Cutler helped make Brandon Marshall on a true # 1 receiver, but his best work was WR Eddie Royal on a rookie candidate. It is too small and could fit into a slot receiver role if the Broncos draft Dez Bryant. Brandon Marshall appears to be the next Anquan Boldin receive trade rumors for several years and eventually will be occupied or let go in free will. If the Broncos do not let go, it will be because they feel Bryant may be a # 1 receiver If Denver finds a way to reject Marshall, Bryant is only a # 2 receiver.

Expect a bounce back year for the Broncos if your d-line can get some chemistry quickly and Bryant has a good rookie year.

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