Not all Balance Bikes are the same Learn to Choose the Balance of Your Bike

On the surface, the choice of a bike balance may seem an easy task. Well, once you start to investigate the landscape will soon realize that you are dealing with manufacturers that most of us have never heard of, like Strider bikes, bicycles KAZAM Balance and Glide bikes. Most of the balance of bicycle companies have 3-6 years and are quite small, but control most of the market. My goal here is not to say that bike to buy, but to give you the tools so you can make an informed buying decision that is right for your child.

 Let's begin. 

Balance bikes come in many different sizes and are adjustable to grow with your child. It is never a good thing to buy a bike, have it delivered to you ride it, only to find that is too big for your bike. So to avoid this, measure the seam of your child. Most of the balance bikes are sized seat height. Seat height is measured from the ground to above the seat. Most balance bikes have adjustable seats. If not, do not buy it. Your child will outgrow quickly. After measuring the crotch, here's how to use this information. So if your child has a seam 13", you want to find a bike with a minimum height of 12 seats. " Thus, Bikee a bicycle, which has a minimum height of 15 seats "would be too great. However, the Strider bike with a minimum seat height of 11" would be perfect! 

Next topic is whether you want a medal bike, bike wood or composite bike. Bicycle medal look and feel more like a real bike pedal. Most resorts offer a quick release saddle and handlebar adjustment, wheel bearings and seals brakes optional. We will discuss the brake issue in a bit. Some bikes are made to fly and other aluminum. Usually the aluminum will not rust and is lighter; However, the flight is cheaper and just because a bike is aluminum does not mean that the end product is lighter, stronger or better. 

Wooden balance bike tend to be more environmentally friendly. Most are made from marine renewable birch wood quality. They use biodegradable paints and varnishes. Some manufacturers treat wooden bicycles as a canvas and paint beautiful designs and images, giving the bike a look completely unique. Wooden balance bike tend to have a nostalgic look very retro feel to them. 

Bicycles compounds are the strongest, but tend to be the most expensive. The main advantage of these bikes is that there is very little rust. So if you live in a beach environment or high humidity, it may be a good choice. Another consideration is whether the bike will be transferred to another child. The third issue is to buy a balance bike with the brakes or not. Usually the brakes are only available on the medal and composite bicycles. So if you are set on a wooded bike, most likely your decision is already made for you. So here's my opinion on the brakes. Balance bikes are on the balance of establishment and getting your child ready for a bike pedal. Older children can better adapt to the brakes. Most children start when they will not even use the brakes. There is no research of smart people that give us a definitive answer if the brakes are good to include or not. It is really a personal choice. A benefit for the purchase of brakes is that it could extend the use of the bike because the child can use it safely over the hills and glide faster. 

EVA foam tires without traditional air or air tires. EVA foam tires are lightweight, maintenance of tires. Inflatable tires are heavier and more durable, however, requires no maintenance. They are more versatile insofar driving conditions. They are also cheaper to maintain if you take them. Both types of tires will most likely work fine for his rider. 

Remember the most important thing is the design of the bike. Remember also balance bikes are designed primarily to teach the balance not to get caught up in two details.

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