Painting Designs Simple and Contemporary Face

Painting is all about discovering the magical colors, patterns and designs. Face painting is all about the magic paint that can change the faces or people's children into something totally different from what they really are.

Face painting has been a part of human culture since the evolution of mankind. Tribal groups brought face painting and body painting to show their concern and loyalty to a particular group. American Indians, the first inhabitants of the United States, also practiced the culture of face paint, to identify the tribal group they belonged.

Theater actors often get their faces painted, it is a professional requirement. Artists and pranksters use face paint designs to make your most notable facial expressions while performing on stage. Sportsmen also color the face with the face of the national flag or paint colors lucky charm to creations of the team. Each year in Europe, there is a body painting festival, and many people participate in face painting.

There are many practical uses of face paint. In the army, the control fields often paint their faces with the colors green, black or brown to camouflage and dissolves the landscape in certain phases of covert operations. Face painting designs are highly admired by children; they love getting their faces painted in parks and fairs. Some face painting models the most popular and simple that are fun to paint and transport are as follows.

A cat or tiger cat-like face paint designs are extremely popular and very easy to paint. Fund consists of colors like yellow, brown or orange. In children, the tiger faces are liked and appreciated. To make your leading face paint, you can make around the eyes with black coverings, nose and whiskers with black spots. If you paint a tiger face and draw black bands around the eyes, nose and face.

Clown face designs are the face of the most popular design in the world of painting. First, take a white full face wash. Paint the red nose or stick a round red nose and describe the lips with a red outline to make a smiling face continuously. You can color the cheeks tinted with any color is white. You can try several other designs of the unusual face painting as the faces of comic characters such as Spiderman, Batman or Wolverine.
Animal faces can be done as Chipmunks, zebras, parrots and other birds. You can also paint your face, abstract designs with touches of color, making unique color combinations.

Boys prefer projects, such as spiders, skulls, robots, monsters, pirates, dinosaurs, snakes, bats, tigers

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