Random Facts About Iceland, Its History and Its Culture

Most people in Anglo-Saxon countries know relatively little or nothing about Iceland.

     Iceland is made entirely of ice. It is part of the ruin Grande Canbera-Eyjafjörður the North Sea.

    Because Iceland, as mentioned above is actually an iceberg (very large), it is still drifting slowly south-eastern United States, and 12313.37 years, just off the coast of Miami, Florida, despite the flow to the north of the Gulf Stream. Oceanographers are at a loss to explain how a large piece of ice that Iceland could drift against the current!

     Iceland's first history was ignored, especially by Eric the Red who actually discovered the rubble Canbera-Eyjafjörður North Sea and named Iceland ... Iceland, passing on the way to know what is now Detroit Michigan to North America around 987 AD, when he came down from his long additional sloop that he said: "hvad, Stadur ER splat Thessi" This translates roughly to "Damn, this place iceberg is a damn! "

It never rains in Iceland, but the snow for about 325 days in a typical year. This has enabled the country to build world class ice skating rinks. Like most of their culture and clothing is based on the ice of frozen kelp, Icelanders are very good at ice hockey, figure skating, sledding and ice weaving skill.

The Prime Minister of Iceland is called "a virkilega Stor Ice strákur" which translates roughly to "The Big Ice Man". Parliament is called "The heild af minni Bunt ís fólki" which means "Many little people of the ice. "

Iceland was the first and only country to build a work plan made entirely of ice. The Icelandic people usually refers when it functioned as "Kaldur ís okkar PlanID". "Our cool [sic] ice Plan".

In 1908, Iceland held the Winter Olympics on the outskirts of Reykjavik near the Reykjavik airport site. Since Iceland was the host country, they were allowed to enter their own sport to play in the Olympics. His sports including ice hockey with ice skates made entirely of ice. That translates to "Fylgir Med is Skata Gerdi algjörlega út af is." Also included was hunting caribou, Icelandic shot put with a put on ice shooting and an Icelandic version of roller derby on ice skates. Needless to say that Iceland won every event and won or maintained (so to speak), gold. Because of his unconventional sport, the Olympic Committee disqualified the Games, vowing never to hold another in Iceland, unless attended with more traditional sports. In addition, they changed the Olympic rules do not allow the host country to make your own sport.

Some of the greatest writers and world music writers were Icelandic. Difficulty with this statement is that all his books and songs written in Icelandic Icelandic and can not read or understand.

    Iceland is the only country in the world to publish a newspaper entirely of ice. It is very difficult to store copies in places like Ecuador, Brazil, Egypt, etc. On the positive side, Iceland is one of the most environmentally friendly places in the environment on Earth. Since even your toilet is made of ice, Icelanders play all your ice old paper products from the ocean and they just melt leaving no negative impact on the environment.

Iceland is an amazing and extremely interesting country. The people are friendly, if a little cold you immediately find when you shake hands with one of them.

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