Save Big On Delta Rates With The Same Benefits Of Day Trips and Triple Dip Miles!

The price of air tickets for direct flights to the most common routes Delta has really enhanced this year. Flying is hard enough when you consider the fight to the door to board the plane instead First, nickel and dime expenses for everything from tight regional aircraft, grumpy flight attendants, etc ... All that are only acceptable when prices are low but when you are asked to pay between $ 600- $ 1,200 for a domestic flight line, in short, it is intolerable.

Resulting in all the warriors worst nightmare roads ... take a connecting flight, when there is a direct flight available.

Recently, use of the resource "Travel Benefit Same Day" (available for everyone with Gold, Platinum or Diamond status) on Delta to buy cheap, airfare link and then switch to a flight live at no additional cost. Here's how:
Delta travel services on the same day:

For those with Gold, Platinum or Diamond status with Delta, which are eligible for the same benefits of Travel Day This feature allows you to:

"Request a change in your itinerary and be confirmed in office without the addition of a flight sooner or later, Delta or Delta Connection® the same day as the fine. Your application must be within three hours before scheduled departure the new flight requested. The key is to find a connecting flight arriving at the same time a direct flight and buy Delta. The biggest obstacle here is that Delta does not really show you these fares on Delta engine booking site. Looking for both non-stop and one stop flight and arranged by price. The cheapest Delta gave me on your website was $ 606.80.

Tried the same flight on Expedia which provided a pair of 1 Connection shutdown options through Chicago for a much more affordable cost of R $ 350. For some reason, the Delta does not show it at

So here's what to do ...

    Find the direct flight you want at
    Look for an equivalent connecting flight and cheaper on
    Buy flight on Then call Delta Three hours before the departure time of the direct flight and request a "same day confirm" the direct flight. Now you have a direct flight at a price of flights with multiple stops! (This assumes the non-stop flight is available, which is usually ... there is no guarantee ...)

If you want to triple miles Dip, make sure you book the flight with Delta Airlines credit card. This will allow you to receive SkyMiles for flight, more frequent flyer miles to purchase a ticket with Delta card and Expedia points to buy if ... Expedia is a triple dip mile above the lowest airfare!

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