Seven Things You need to Know About Iceland Travel

If you only visit Iceland in the summer? You need a jeep come? What about dangerous animals in Iceland? You love food and it is dangerous to drive in Iceland? We will try to answer these questions.

1. When visiting Iceland?
Of course, Iceland has lots of opportunities during the summer, but if you can travel during other months, do not hesitate – come visit and enjoy the special atmosphere of this time of year!

2. Do I need a jeep in Iceland?
If you want to travel around the country and in particular following the call Ring Road (route nr. 1) and see the most famous places, you will not need a jeep at all. On the other hand, if you want to visit the highlands and take some mountain tracks ... you should definitely rent a jeep.

3. It is very expensive in Iceland?
Some things are certainly expensive, but if you plan well in advance, you can really save money! Remember that trip to Iceland is not on the tourist heavy mass where things are often cheaper.

4. It is difficult to drive in Iceland?
You should definitely inform If advance and did not rule out the advice of rental agencies.

5. Do I like the food in Iceland?
Icelandic food is the the highest quality. If you wish, you can enjoy a little unique Icelandic food, like the famous skyr and see if you like it - otherwise, you'll probably find all the ingredients are used to at home and then some! And if you're healthy, we have a lot of shops where you can buy these foods as well and also several restaurants in Reykjavik, the capital.

6. There are dangerous animals in Iceland?
You can enjoy not having to concern. The worst thing of some bird species, such as Arctic sea or the great skua who do not like the people around their eggs or young people.

7. What about water in Iceland?
You can drink tabs everywhere in homes, hotels, etc. and if you see a stream usually you can drink directly, although not do recommends drinking our glacial rivers which are colored milky or even brown, sometimes!

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