Sir Matt Busby Godfather Manchester United

Sir Matt Busby was the manager not Manchester United 1945-1969 taking the honors Club Cup and the League Two during the long and distinguished career at Old Trafford.

Sir Matt Busby took over as reins without Manchester United in October 1945, although the contract had been signed in the past February. The former Manchester City and Liverpool immediately put his stamp on the club and asked IT Powers About the appointment of staff and the purchase and sale of Jocks. The Busby socialism undoubtedly transformed Manchester United hum giants of English football and during the first three years without Club of command ended First Division runner-up three times, as well as winning one in the FA Cup in 1948.

In 1958, tragedy struck when a British European Airways Elizabethan plane reaches around the perimeter of Munich airport During a UAS third take-off attempt. After winning the championship in 1952, 1956 and 1957, the side of Manchester United immensely talented Busby Were tragically destroyed. A memorable victory at Wembley Stadium was fully recognized as long-serving manager was more properly knighted in the list Honors birthday of Queen APOS logo.

WHEN Sir Matt died January 20, 1994, a Greater Manchester United fans Quantity Dedicated FINALLY last tribute to the Scottish coach. April 27, 1996, Manchester United Football Club unveiled a bronze statue in the final evaluation of Old Trafford Group in tribute to the great man that was known simply as Mr Manchester United.

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