Some Reasons Why You should Program in Java

Java is one of the most dynamic programming languages, powerful and popular used today. If you are new to using Java, you would be amazed with the features emphasizing that provides Java and is the most preferred programming languages ​​among professional programmers.
Some reasons why you need to program in Java are discussed below:

1. Subject oriented reserve:
Java is object oriented, which means that programming in Java revolves around the creation of new objects, making different objects work together and manipulate existing objects to make it better. This allows developers to create reusable codes and modular programs.

2. Simple and easy to learn:
Java was designed to be simple and easy to use for programmers. You can use Java to write, debug and compile other programming languages, including C ++. While other programming languages ​​require developers to manually configure garbage collection and allocate memory.

In Java, multithreaded programming is integrated by default, so if you use other programming languages, you must manually call the OS specific procedure to enable multithreading. Multithreading is an important component used for the network and visual programming.

3. Robust and reliable:
Java is probably the only programming language that ensures reliability. Java emphasizes a lot about how to check for errors in the early stages of the programming itself. Java compilers detect errors when you run the program in other languages.

4. Insurance:
Java is one of the few programming languages ​​that have security as part of their design. Java is designed such that it can be easily moved computer system to another system. This Java ability to run the same program on different systems is important for the world wide web software (www). Java is a platform independent, both source and binary level.

Java is designed to allow programmers to perform the distributed computing function outside in network capacity that is built into it. Creating network programs using Java is as simple as sending and receiving data from a file.

5. Supported by powerful development tools:
Java is a popular programming language and has several powerful development tools. NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Eclipse IDE are some of these tools. Both Java tools are extremely useful editing, source code control, syntax checking and coding tools.

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