Florida Panhandle Real Estate

We went on vacation to Florida Panhandle, Walton County, in particular, for twenty years - and love! World class beaches - reasonable prices - great restaurants - Beach fantastic houses for rent! The Florida Panhandle has a dynamic and stable tourism business, with minimal unemployment. The airport should provide a significant boost to the economy of the region, and also to strengthen the demand for real estate.

Here are some other opinions on the region.

CNN Money.com (12 February 2007) chose Panama City, Florida as the place # 1 to invest in real estate in the United States.

American Express said the Florida Panhandle is one of its Top Ten vacation destinations in the United States. The Florida Panhandle is second behind the Orlando area in Florida tourism. the beaches of the Emerald Coast are world class, attracting over seven million tourists a year - more than any other resort on the east coast.

Many homes cost less than the cost of construction. We are still very undervalued relative to other parts of Florida."

The St. Joe Company (NYSE: JOE), based in Jacksonville, FL, is the largest owner of Florida Panhandle, with more than 718,000 acres of development land - half of it within ten miles of the coast. So now St. Joe is in the area of
​​real estate development, with a large concentrated activity in Walton County.

According to the Department of the St. Joe Investor Relations long-term outlook for Florida Panhandle real estate is very strong.

ong-term economic and demographic trends continue to favor Florida, whose economy is fundamentally strong and diverse. It is expected that the population of Florida to increase three-quarters (28.6 million) in 2030. Its population growth rate regularly exceeds the rest of the United States over the past forty years, its annual growth rate exceeded US average of 100%. By 2010 in New York to Florida will be the third most populous state in the country.

trong, diversified state regularly exceeds the United States, with a vibrant tourism industry, many of the use of a robust high-tech industry and high technology. In the Florida Panhandle, Walton County is one of the lowest unemployment rates in Florida and the country.

Florida is the commercial center of the Western Hemisphere. T
he geographical situation and economic and political stability, puts the state in the center of trade and business throughout the Western Hemisphere. Retirees spend his vacation home sales remain robust, since the state is a favorite spot for relocation of retirement.

The beaches of northwest Florida are the second favorite tourist destination in Florida behind Orlando. B
eaches of the Emerald Coast attracts more than seven million tourists a year, more than any other part of the beach in the eastern United States.

Florida Panhandle beaches were considered some of the most spectacular in the country and the world. Walton Beach, Bay and Gulf counties were chosen for first place by Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman, an authority on beach quality and author of the best beaches in America.

Northwest Florida has a pleasant climate with mild winters, very sunny and clear days. The Florida Panhandle is in the US Climate Zone 8, the same climate zone famous resort areas / residential, such as Hilton Head (SC), Amelia Island (FL), Kiawah Island (SC) and St. Simons and Sea Island (GA ). Northwest Florida has a distinct geography, culture and cuisine is very different from Miami or Orlando.

The Panhandle of Florida attracts about seven million visitors per year. According to Visit Florida, the tourism department and visitors of Florida, one third of these tourists come from families with incomes over $ 75,000 and 16 percent come from families with incomes above $ 100,000.

The number of elite holiday developments in Florida Northwest is growing. At stations like Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Watercolor and WaterSound Beach, many Gulf before sold for $ 40,000 per linear foot beachfront for prosperous families who have chosen the Emerald Coast.

The new Panama City airport being built should be in place by March 2010. This will be a major international airport, opening the Florida Panhandle for easy access from the east and west coasts, the Midwest, Canada and Europe. Previously, access to the area via aircraft was limited to regional airports.

Economists expect that the new airport will become a powerful engine of economic development for the region. Throughout the history of airports have a powerful story to increase economic development activity.

The new airport in Panama City will be the first major airport built in the country nearly 15 years. As GreenField airport site on a large scale, providing new opportunities and flexibility for businesses that depend on air transport and logistics infrastructure.

There's even hard for the development of this airport in Huntsville, AL, Savannah, GA, Jacksonville, FL, Fort Myers, FL and Northwest Arkansas. All these airports have stimulated significant development adjacent.

The State of Florida provides that in its first decade, the new airport will create 8,000 new jobs and at the end a total of 13,000 jobs. Since opening in 1983 the airport include the residential property values
​​in the surrounding area increased by an average of one percent per year.

Fortune Magazine (October 14, 2007) chose St. Joe Company as one of the "Top Ten Stocks for 2008", showing the long-term potential of the company and its development activities located in the enclave Florida. The article said: "When Florida real estate to recover, investors will himself kicked for not recognizing $ 28 stock price today for St. Joe Co (JOE) - Most largest private landowner in Florida - a rare opportunity. "

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