The Hello Kitty History How Hello Kitty has Become So Popular

Hello Kitty is the most famous character created by Japanese company Sanrio. Earlier, Hello Kitty was to be called Kitty White, as one of the kittens described in Through the Looking-Glass. Hello Kitty is a stylish cat that lives and plays in London. An interesting fact is that Hello Kitty needs a mouth. The first product with the picture Hello Kitty was a small and cheap vinyl bag. Today, products Hello Kitty generate annual profit of about $ 500 million.

Other characters live in the world of Hello Kitty. In 2004, Hello Kitty has her pets - a cat and a hamster. The father of Hello Kitty is named George White and his mother Mary. Hello Kitty has a sister named Mimmy, who happens to be the best friend of the character.

The number of products on the market bearing the image of Hello Kitty is great. This character has become very popular in the United States. Initially, the products Hello Kitty target girls, but today, the kitten called for fans all over the world and whatever the age.

Hello Kitty souvenirs decoration, food, clothes, cosmetics, computers and even airplanes. Celebrities have endorsed Hello Kitty, too. Mariah Carey, Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton and many other stars have used Hello Kitty clothing.

In Japan, Hello Kitty has affected almost every aspect of life. All types of clothing, dresses, including wedding Hello Kitty are available.

MasterCard has Hello Kitty on their debit cards since 2004. Hello Kitty video games and animated films were created, too. The oldest cartoon series featuring the character first appeared in 1991. The production was cooperation between the United States and Japan.

Many famous designers used the image Hello Kitty and were inspired by Japanese cute kitten. Victoria Couture Hello Kitty models wore masks during a 2007 review of fashion.

The small white kitten is a cultural phenomenon. Coins bearing the image Hello Kitty were hit, too. The price of a single piece of silver Hello Kitty can reach up to $ 1,100.

Virtue Hello Kitty was held in Hong Kong in February 2007. The wedding took place on the train from Hong Kong. Today, mania Hello Kitty continues. You can find dozens of items, including equipment, baby shower party decorations and gifts, video games and other accessories. Hello Kitty is still an extremely popular accessory for children and adults.

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