The History Of The JCPenney

The history of the JCPenney is rather a very original. The mission and vision of the company does not really change since its founding in 1902. The company objective is to be the customer's number one choice for quality clothes, yet affordable. Moreover, JCPenny want to improve the quality of life of its customers increasingly bold business.

JCPenney began when he sold goods and services to a large number of people. JCPenney began with a small retail store that was built in 1902 in a mining town. James Penney case, a high school diploma had the opportunity to explore retailership of business after being hired to be the assistant of a retailer. Penney is a well known vendor and he loved his job. He put the business using their savings of $ 500 and a couple of loans from friends.

Penney took the courage to set up the largest JCPenney store. It is currently the largest retail store in the country today. The company has made good in the small mining town where he began his marketing. JCPenney became famous this widespread reputation even in neighboring towns. Consequently, these customers have become customer JCPenney This is also the time that Penny and Callahan became business partners.

Penny has always wanted to dominate the world of retail. At the end of 1909, Penny had a large number of stores and their sales volumes are continuously climbing the charts.
It was indeed surprising that in the year 1915, had 83 JCPenney stores. Penny was on supporting its customers and its employees as well. In 1917, the most amazing thing happened because the company decided to set up additional stores and the total of these stores is completely 175 JCPenney does not rest on your goal, which is to be known throughout the world and be judged the best.

The company is proud of its incomparable achievements and quality products. It is, indeed, became bolder and more with its chain of 1,200 stores in 50 states. JCPenney has been able to expand the number of countries. The secret of its success lies in its fair price policy.

People really appreciated the company's efforts to better serve its customers.

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