Top 10 Things to Do in Downtown Detroit

In recent years, Detroit has been quietly reinventing itself. Far from the industrial wasteland most imagine, motor city center has tons of recreational opportunities. If you're wondering what to do in Detroit during future visits, here are 10 good ideas to get you started.

The Detroit People Mover

If you visit the dynamics of downtown Detroit for a few days, you should familiarize yourself with the Detroit People Mover. This 2.9 miles, one-way circles of light rail train from the city center and serves 13 stations. Taking a ride on the Detroit People Mover costs only $ 0.50.

Fisher Building

If you are a fan of art deco or just the overall architecture, the Fisher building should be right up your alley. This giant in 1928 the city center with views of Detroit and the Fisher Theatre, and a variety of restaurants and shops.

Detroit Eastern Market

For gourmets die hard, the Detroit Market East is a must. Held every Saturday, Detroit Eastern Market is harassed over 50,000 people climbing to fresh produce provided by local farmers.

Michigan Central Station

While you can not technically or legally visit the interior of the Michigan Central Station, a session of this picture worth seeing.

Belle Isle

Essentially a giant park on an island in the Detroit River, instead of first leisure Belle Isle in town. Designed in part by Frederick Law Olmsted in the 1880s, the park Belle Isle Conservatory, Belle Isle Nature Zoo and Museum Dossin Great Lakes.

Detroit Historical Museum

Few visitors to Detroit are fully aware of the long history of the city, rich. A visit to the Historical Museum in Detroit should get him to accelerate. There are exhibits on everything from various Detroit music scene over the years to the famous local automotive industry that made Detroit an industrial power.

GM Renaissance Center

A distinctive feature of the skyline of Detroit, RenCen is one of the few buildings with its own ZIP code.


One of the biggest recent civic triumphs Detroit RiverWalk stretches for 3.5 miles along the eastern edge of the river. Riddled with countless fountains, benches and lawns, it is the ideal place to enjoy a long drive.
Existing events, such as RiverFront Run River Days and suggest a promising future for this growing attraction.


Easily one of the busiest points of the overall benefits of downtown Detroit, Greektown its proximity to sports facilities and Greektown Casino Hotel. Check the Mosaic restaurant for fine dining. If delicatessen food is more your style, there are dozens of great mom-and-pop shops to choose from.


A popular entertainment complex in downtown Detroit, namesake of the Majestic Theatre has hosted musical performances since 1915. If you're in the mood for a good old family, fun, Garden Bowl next door offers a variety bowling options. Top 10 things to do in downtown Detroit.

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