Top Bike Friendly Cities in the World

Have you been in a town where one of the main types of transport was a bicycle? Many people of all ages around the world use a bicycle as the main source of transportation because it is cheaper, environmentally friendly, healthy and easy. We have compiled a list of cities around the world that have a high use per capita bike and have a great system in place for urban cyclists. These cities suitable for bicycles seek to keep their residents happy and rider safely.

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen and its inhabitants are truly dedicated to the motorcycle group. With a culture that has a third of the combined bicycle commuting population with a local government that offers free rental and exclusive tracks, Copenhagen is our No. 1 choice as suitable cities for bikes.

    Amsterdam is known worldwide as the last bike capital of the world. The government of the city of Amsterdam also promotes the use of bicycle rental bikes, lanes for cyclists and bicycle traffic lights.

    Basel, Switzerland

    Basel residents love cycling and who can blame them! The city encourages the use of bicycles with bicycle paths, signs and rents.

    Adding to the culture of your bike is the huge population of students who regularly travel and cycling around campus. Florence has separate bike paths are bi-directional and colored for ease of use.

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Minneapolis, Minnesota is a city committed to the motorcycle. Even in winter frigidity, a large population of bike paths in the city. There are a number of facilities for cyclists such as covered storage, city bike paths and trails.

Bologna Italy

    If you visit Bologna or is a permanent resident, the bike is the easiest and fastest way to get around. Bologna has a network of bike paths throughout the city. The city also has several roads that have less traffic motorized create a safe place for bikers.

    Munich, Germany

    Although Munich is a great city, drivers and riders seem to coexist very well along the busy alleys and streets of this city. Munich has more than 124 miles of bike trails and marked the sides to protect riders. Remember, bicycle theft is common here, so be sure to keep it locked bicycle.

    Salzburg, Austria

    Salzburg is a bike trips throughout the city; with beautiful green landscapes and Baroque architecture, Salzburg is designed with over 105 miles of bike paths and scenic bicycle routes 23. Salzburg also has a self-service station throughout the city with free tools, stalls cycling, lubricating oil and compressed air.

Bogota, Colombia

    Bogota is the city focused on growing the fastest motorcycle in Latin America. Bogota has its own bicycle road networks strategically connecting all parts of the city. This system consists of large networks, secondary and free.

Portland, Oregon

    People Portland always appreciated for its consistent use bicycles to get around. With the natural beauty and the general culture of the tree-hugger, it is not surprising that many chose to bike. With separate cycling trails, bike racks and a community that supports cycling through, Portland is a great city to get around on two wheels.

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