What Django

Django is a high-level Web framework written in Python that stimulates rapid and pragmatic development, own design. Python is equivalent to Ruby on Rails that allows you to create applications Web astonishing high output quickly. The main objective of Django is to facilitate the development of complex websites, database driven. This framework focuses on the reuse of components and adheres to the principle "Do not be repeated" (DRY). This principle aims to reduce duplication of information of all kinds. Django uses the MVC method (MVC). This means that in Django, developers have an almost complete separation of the data structure, programming and logical view.

Django framework is well known for its system models based on the brilliant heritage that provides ease of settlement patterns in molds, using different models for different parts of the site, and eliminate redundancy in a model code. Working with Django template system is generally described as "fun."

Django site framework consists of one or more applications that are recommended to be done as alienable or connectable. Django framework uses its own object-relational mapping (ORM) to work with the database. The early development of Django as a means of developing information resources, is strongly reflected in its architecture: it offers a number of tools that help in the rapid development of information sites. For example, the developer does not need to create a page and drivers for the administrative part of the site, there is a Django application integrated several websites to manage content that can be integrated on a website, Django, and you can control on a single server. The administrative application allows you to create, edit and remove all objects that fill the site, observing all actions committed, and provides an interface for managing the management of users and groups (with point by point assignment of rights).

In general, the greatest benefits Django frames are the perfect documentation and the largest community of Python web frameworks.

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