What's New in the eBay Motors is the New Changes Really Useful?

After a series of tests and customer feedback eBay Motors will move to its new site format on the 12th of this month. The user no longer has access to the ancient site thereafter. You may be wondering why eBay Motors may want to mess with a site that has become the automotive site number a visit on the Internet. The real question is: does the new site offer real improvement over the old site?

eBay Motors gets 37% of page views for automotive sites.
A car is sold every minute
A part or accessory sells every second
With over eBay users to 1.3 million to either a full or part time living on eBay sites, these changes are not made lightly.

Some of the new changes:

    Look and feel, dynamic new look
Home, makes finding things easier with the addition of tabs
New features
Search functions have been improved and expanded
New features, his penalty box
Provide new buyers check list

The new layout of the homepage is very nice with new vibrant colors and a very useful layout. The new tabs feature gives you direct access to search tools that let you narrow your search quickly and efficiently. Parts and accessories tab allow you to search by make, model and specific year, as well as specific types of part. You have more to go outside of eBay for the purchase of tools, information search and rich vehicle advertisements. New guides give you a wide rang of information to facilitate more educated choice. Now, Kelly Blue Book is integrated into the site, allowing quick access to current prices and, of course, you can always use the domain auction ended to compare current sales of a particular vehicle or in part . You will also notice a lot of research graphical features make your selections much clearer and easier. The site now offers you a way to compare the models side by side, which will help you make intelligent decisions. In my opinion the eBay Motors team hit a home run with these innovations.

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