Will Manchester City will be Bigger than Manchester United?

In England, where soccer is the main sport of the country, when people around the world speak of the greatest teams that talk about Manchester United and Liverpool. Manchester City are also a Manchester football team. Compared to its more famous neighbors Manchester United, Manchester City not have a significant history of winning trophies.

Manchester United became famous in the 1960s, after the plane crash. They managed to win the European Championship with a little more than the original players who survived the plane crash.

When heard that some oil billionaires was looking to buy an English Premiership club most people would have thought it was Liverpool. Location Liverpool has been well documented in the press and on the Internet.

What rich state oil Duabi was buy a team in Manchester. People often ask, they bought the right team. The players of the world, as Kaka has refused to participate in the revolution of the city, but if Manchester United came knocking, he would have left the AC Milan vessel.

Anyway, all the big players like Fabregas will not join Manchester City despite millions of carrot that can be dangled before them.

It's time that oil billionaires cross the road and head to Liverpool and invest in them. When a player learns that Liverpool are interested then they sit and listen. Liverpool legends Kenny Dalglish and Ian Rush are some of the names that young players want to emulate. Hopefully some prince of Saudi Arabia are reading this and comes to Liverpool. Manchester City could very well end up bigger than Manchester United.

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