With Sprint Car Racing Fast and Furious Fred Brownfild Memorial Seth Bergman Jared Ridg

The second night at Fred Brownfield Memorial was always going to be a hot night sprint racing truck. After a successful anterior Night, which saw Seth Bergman win your heat race and finish in sixth place A-main not Seth finds himself third points APOS Night One of Sprint Car Racing. A draw of Aspera pill saw Bergman pair of tenth starting unit heat stroke. Bergman gave all non itself as opportunities paragraph strong final hum Are A-Main.

B director of Saw Travis Rutz, Jason Solwold, Cole and Jay Henry Van Dam advance according to the main event. Before OS main engines to the event entered the race track through the stands through thick fog smoke that brought the Fas feet before main race.

Seth team has not entered the main event and a new configuration where a high hum assured performance.

Seth paragraph would be hard on the night of Sprint Car Racing with the likes of Shane Stewart, Wayne Johnson and Jayme Barnes Near the front, so come Roger Crockett Polo country. Bergman started the race fifth unit with Leading Points top ASCS Northwest Jared in its exterior.

In the fourth round was approved Seth hair Jayme Barnes and VIR joined the race settled Seth began his battle with Jared Ridge as both a place not .. Home exchange logo on lap nine decisive moment of the race came and fate, maybe the VIR Bergman season and the top curve is a Tangled. Ridge causing no UN Fin wall.Bergman suffered a right rear shock hum broken because of the collision. Summit was visibly upset when he left to truck and threw the wheel e Bergman IT COMES distributed by.Fans showed dissatisfaction with the summit of Para VIR booed echo in the stands.

Seth went to the pits and the team Ridges area Outputs To meet Bergman. A member of the Ridges team pushed and pushed with Seth's father When Seth felt guilty For Destruction era .. Seth team tried to repair the damage, but there was no Shortest pace and Seth as a night Home hum ended after promising.

For the event do Remainder Sprint Car race went green . Sprint Truck race and a hard sport and Bergman showed that IL weekend A What skills to compete up no More 'development level.

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