Bad News and Problems With Hulu

Each site must have a fancy name these days. Hulu is an excellent example. The idea is good. Hulu is a website where you can quickly and easily download all kinds of movies and TV shows directly on your computer or other device. Best of all, Hulu is free and legal. This combination is hard to beat.

If your first reaction to what Hulu can offer you is "wow", understandability. Unfortunately, however, there is a problem with Hulu. One of the most important and the most obvious problems is that the best programs and the most current television are simply absent from Hulu website. Unfortunately, the loss factor both promising site.

You can find content in a variety of other places. For example, if you have a Netflix subscription you can stream content that is generally much better quality.

Of course, unlike Hulu, Netflix is
​​a paid service. However, many people have Netflix accounts anyway, they can enjoy the streaming service at no additional cost.

Another common criticism of the site Hulu is that you can not watch full seasons of many shows. In fact, the site is wildly disjointed. You can find your favorite program to discover rather perplexingly, there are only a few scattered episodes.

Let's face it, many television programs that you want to watch is available for free on Hulu. Many of the programs on Hulu are really bad.

All these errors could be somewhat forgiven if Hulu was not promoted as an "entertainment revolution." Unfortunately, Hulu is not a revolution, at least not yet. Skeptics doubt never will never be a revolution.

So there are problems with Hulu? Certainly! With the plethora of viewing options available online, many people are wondering what the value is for the Hulu user viewer / medium computer. This is a valid question and that Hulu just does not know how to react.

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