Humana Foundation Of Stimulating Growth In Private Initiatives, Creativity and Charity

The Humana Foundation was established in 1981 as the philanthropic arm of Humana Inc., a leading health benefits companies in America in Louisville, supports and nurtures charitable activities that promote healthy lives and healthy communities in the belief that improving the health and education offer the greatest opportunities for individual and social growth. Human also covers health as a state of well-being balance, recognizing a relationship between mind, body and spirit.

Projects or educational institutions that promote academic success and improvement of education (31%)

Body - Projects or human service agencies engaged in promoting healthy bodies and healthy living (41%)

Spirit -
Projects or civic and cultural development organizations that seek to inspire communities and enliven the spirit (28%)

The Humana Foundation supports organizations that improve the quality of life in communities where Humana has a significant presence. Human and Foundation make a difference by volunteering, education, health, arts funding, scholarships, emergency disaster, and more.

The foundation also matched employee donations totaling $ 300,000.

With the departure of the employee, the total human response was $ 1.6 million for Katrina relief.

David Jones Sr., former CEO and Chairman of the Board conducts the City of Parks initiative Louisville to acquire land to develop any parks throughout Louisville. In February 2005, the Trust for Public Land and Mayor Jerry Abramson announced a $ 20 million initiative Louisville led fundraising efforts of the human community Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus David A. Jones. F
or human foundation has contributed $ 1.25 million.

School Hundreds of children in Rockdale Paideia Academy celebrated the launch Cincinnati T.A.T.u. - Teens against tobacco use - a potential program in Cincinnati through a partnership between the American Lung Association and ChoiceCare / human. T.A.T.u. developed by the American Lung Association as part of its smokeless class funded in nine major cities of the human foundation. Tthe T.A.T.u. Program - in partnership American Lung Association and the Human Foundation. It uses an approach "children helping children" to teach elementary school children about the dangers of tobacco use. Human is increasingly involved in volunteer activities. The Humana Foundation chose the libraries for the future partner in the new signature design of the foundation. Features include trained librarians, a new information site for health, public information centers of social protection in libraries and nonprofit organizations, and associated human volunteer guides Wellness like.

$ 750,000 challenge grant Campaign Foundation Humana Louisville Metro United Way (MUW) has created excitement to reach the fundraising goal with resulting additional community enthusiasm innovative leadership of CEO Mike McCallister as chairman of the community MUW 2006 campaign of campaign.The It reached its goal of $ 30 million, to be distributed to approximately 160 nonprofit organizations in Kentucky and southern Indiana. The Foundation staff worked with the MUW leadership to distribute $ 60,000 in "impact bag" in 2006. ElderServe, GuardiaCare, New Directions Housing, Legal Aid Society, Jewish family and vocational services were among those who received grants under this program is worth:

In April 2006, the Foundation Human promised $ 500,000 Cherry Institute Wendell James Graham Brown Cancer Center Clinical Trials in memory of the co-founder of Humana. The Commonwealth of Kentucky Research Challenge Trust Fund (also known as Bucks for Brains) is matching gift for a total contribution of $ 1 million to create the Foundation Research Chair in Clinical Trial human. Tampa - Women's Centre received $ 100,000 to build a set of individuals to form the basic building skills for high home nonprofit organization improvement program. Tampa became the fifth city to participate in the benefits our human community program in 2006.

Chicago - Tax Assistance Program City-Wide (TAP) allows the working poor to claim credits and tax refunds, and to overcome obstacles to traditional financial resources.

Atlanta - Atlanta trees is the establishment of an urban forestry program to help create programs and exhibitions for a new environmental education center.

Human Foundation is also involved in the promotion of art and culture. The firm and constant support area is the annual Festival of New American Plays Human. This partnership with Actors Theatre of Louisville began its sponsorship signing of New American Plays human annual festival in 1979, is the longest partnership between a company and a theater in the United States celebrated in 2006 its Corporate 30 to Committee anniversary.
The Arts and honored human November 8, 2006 in New York. More than 300 pieces of human Festival were produced, representing the work 206 playwrights. Viewers saw human parts adapted to the screen.

The Humana Foundation has received much recognition for this great work.:

- Two national awards for their support to the Humana Festival of New American Plays

nd a long-term commitment of Romania Human Project.for human assistance to the arts, particularly the annual festival New American Plays for Human

The foundations of the Council, a Washington-based organization, more than 2,000 grantmaking foundations, gave him the "Prize Critical Impact" for the efforts of the Foundation to transform the health system in Romania by the Romanian Assistance Project Human Health .. Two grants of $ 1 million, a Human Foundation and another of David and Betty Jones, drew Bucks for Brains Kentucky equal funding program. The Foundation's donation will create a program allowance, while Jones that develops a new chair delivered to the division.
In September 2006, David Jones released The Chronicles Dacian: Transforming the Romanian health system, 1990-2006. The Foundation has distributed copies of hundreds of volunteers and Romanian participants to support projects in the celebrations in Romania and Louisville, Kentucky.

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