Instant Comparison Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video

When the content of the TV was first to a subscription model, consumers had a fundamentally important decision to make: cable or satellite? The possibilities may seem endless when you decide what content providers streaming you want to sign. This fight is also very different from the simple vs. cable issue Satellite television, because every video streaming provider offers its own content catalog. The three companies that have established themselves as having the best selections of content are available by subscription Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. So how do you decide these services to call their streaming needs?

Netflix instant

Current price: $ 7.99 per month

The pioneer in streaming subscription, Netflix has revolutionized the market by introducing Netflix Instant. Netflix still maintains the largest catalog of films from its competitors, as well as a huge library of TV show.

Netflix offers the best video quality and is available in a wide variety of devices. In addition to native applications in set-top boxes like Apple TV and Roku players, Netflix also has applications for iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Kindle users to enjoy the content on their phones and tablets. Recently, Netflix has made the jump to the production of original programming, with big names and big budgets. Some examples include the drama series House of Cards with Kevin Spacey, and the reissue of the cult comedy Arrested Development. All Netflix streaming movies and TV shows are commercial free.

Hulu plus

Current price: $ 7.99 per month

Although it does not really start as a competitor to Netflix, Hulu began to enter the race, when it presented its service based on Hulu Plus subscription. While Netflix focuses primarily on movies and TV shows from the past, Hulu focuses primarily on the hot TV shows today. The shows on Hulu Plus (including successful programs of all major television networks) are available to watch the next day aired on television. Not only are you able to catch up on your favorite series on your TV through a set-top box, but you can also watch your favorite shows anywhere with the Hulu Plus application is available for most major plat- forms. The catch with Hulu Plus is that all films and series are supported by ads, so be prepared to endure several commercials.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Current price: $ 79 per year

Although it may be considered a little sleep between competition instant video streaming service for Amazon Prime subscribers is growing rapidly in popularity as Amazon adds titles and increases functionality.

Amazon Prime has been around for years before the company introduced Amazon Instant Video. The first service only provided members with access to the dispatch of two days of the mega-retailer free. Amazon has steadily released new features for premium members in recent years, however, the first to come out with Instant Video, and then enter the Kindle Lending Library, which provides access to proprietary Kindle free books.

Amazon Instant Video catalog is not as big as either Netflix or Hulu Plus, but it took several exclusive films and TV programs that distinguish it from other services.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, if you need to choose the service to go with the stream, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each company.

When looking for the most complete package of streaming, Netflix is
​​still your best bet, especially if you enjoy films on television. Hulu Plus can be a great addition for a Netflix subscription, especially if you remember to cut the cord with your current TV provider. Before long, it can begin to measure against Netflix where movies are concerned. Of course, with its other features and low price, Amazon Prime can be a wise decision for you anyway, especially if you are a big customer on

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