10 Tips For A Successful Lemonade Stand

Sold a lot of lemonade over the past three summers. Here are the top 10 keys to a successful lemonade stand:

1. Good Time
The first condition is a hot sunny day. Without it, almost nobody will stop by your lemonade stand. There is no need to waste your time for a few miserable sales.

2. Adult support
First, you probably need an adult to help you get supplies. Second, an adult can help to make lemonade when power is low. Third, and most important, you may need an adult for safety or protection.

3. Sources
You need a lot of drinks, ice cream, and of course, lemonade. It has two pitchers.

4. Great lucid
One day little boy of our neighbor had a position on the porch. The problem was that nobody knew. His sign was so small that drivers passing by could not see, let alone read. Children use a big "piece of cardboard 2'x 3. Drivers can read from their cars.

5. The startup money
You need at least some money before starting. You need money to buy their supplies. If one of your first customers have a note of R $ 5.00 and your lemonade is 50 cents, you can count on a lost sale if you can not give change.

6. A
fair price
Children have learned that they make so much money if they sell their lemonade at 25 cents per cup than 50 cents per cup. Why? Because most people give them a dollar and say "keep the change."

7. Manners
Being polite is just nice. It costs nothing and encourages repeat sales. The lady who bought her lemonade last week could return this week, because you are a "good educated on" the child. It can even spread the word to other neighbors.

8. E
nthusiastic sales tactics
Do not be afraid to smile, wave, jump and shout "Lemonade!" as high as you can. This is more likely to attract the attention of a potential customer than sitting quietly on the roadside.

9. F
Friends can be a great help. They also help to maintain the "slow" fun times (because it is always fun to hang out with their friends).

Warning: discuss money issues before. Your friend may think he deserves half the profits from that company stood afternoon. But you may think that you deserve all the profits, because it was his idea and his house, and you pay for all supplies.
10. Location, location, location

We hope that you live on a busy street. If not, be creative. Maybe your friend's house is better circulation: share the profits if you sell there. The location is important because no traffic means no sales.

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