12 Tips For Buying Smartphone Occasion Without Spending Big

Tips For Buying Smartphone Occasion Without Spending Big

If you plan to buy a smartphone, but a small budget as a sealed bag, then you may want to get a smartphone used instead of new. However, buying a used smartphone can be a bit difficult if you do not have experience in the "field".

You can not go to the smartphone store and make a purchase without consulting random all phone status completely. Speaking of smartphones used, most people think that smartphones are mostly used only suck a question that they are second-hand smartphones.

Well, the truth is that not all smartphones used that you find around the market are some damaged phones that do not work. In fact, part of this type of smartphones still works as great as new.

1. Run a quick check on the box cover

The first thing to note with a smartphone is definitely your box cover. Try to see if the device has a physical or zero defects throughout the body of the unit. You can not judge the overall quality of the smartphones used simply watch as bright as its chassis or clean your screen.

There is a huge possibility that the seller already covers with a new case covers third party which obviously make them look like new phones, right?

2. Make sure that all physical buttons work perfectly

Physical buttons are still fragile element in a phone that tends to be easily damaged if they were pressed repeatedly by the owners.

Therefore, when all smartphones used in store, always make sure that all the physical buttons, remember, each of them can work without incidents.

3. Always check the sensitivity of the screen with the user interface

The next thing to check from a smartphone used is the surface of the screen and the sensitivity of its user interface. In this process, always perform a full scan if there is a risk around the screen and make sure that the touchscreen still works perfectly.

Test the response to touch each corner of the screen to the central area. Make mixed and random gestures on the screen again and again, from:

UI sliding left / right / up / down,
do multi-touch,
Zoom in / out on images or web browser,
removing widgets / apps / elements
typing on the virtual QWERTY keyboard on the screen

And if you have a lot of time trying to play some applications that are already installed on the phone, even in high-performance games and to test the sensitivity of the screen interface.

4. Check glitch or foreign color reproduction on the screen

In addition to its sensitivity, the other important thing to check on the screen is the screen. Generally, the use smartphones were abandoned several times by previous owners. If you see one of these, then the screen is not good.

Most touch screen phones, even the iPhone, new life has poor battery (with the exception of Samsung or Motorola flagship, of course). So it is really crucial to always run a test on the sector each time you want to buy used smartphones.

If the battery drains very quickly, even if you just open photos or listen to music (not really power consumption activities), then there is something wrong with the battery.

5. Make sure that the key to shutter camera (if any) still works

Some smartphones usually have the key to trigger physical button to take pictures / videos, but it can be replaced by the virtual button on the screen.

6. Make sure that the cell phone and Wi-Fi connectivity still works

Connectivity is another important element in the smartphone. So always run the test this connectivity feature for Web browsing with the preinstalled browser or other applications that require the 3G / 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity in the smartphone used.

7. Check Bluetooth, NFC or other Connectivity Offline

These connectivity features can be very important in the future because you like it or not, you will need Bluetooth and will often use to share content such as photos / music / videos / files with other devices, while NFC is also very important for the future of mobile payment.

So never forget to always perform rapid test Bluetooth, NFC or a variety of other offline connectivity features in the phone.

8. Test the sound quality of the speaker

Making a phone call is the reason why the cell phone was invented in the first place. Without it, the phone should not be called as a phone. Therefore, if this function is not working properly, the device used will be useless in the future.

So it is very important to always perform the test this feature by randomly calling on other devices and hear if there's something wrong with it, the quality of the sound signal or speaker speaker.

9. Try sending a text message

Normally, cellular connectivity still works fine, so there's a huge chance that you can also send text messages with this phone.

10. Check the sound quality of the phone, with or without a helmet

Usually not open large users of speaker phones when listening to music or watching videos. If the loading door does not and can not properly charge the device, this can be very dangerous for you in the future.

These days, most phones charging port are not just assembled with glue, but in some phones this part is tightly integrated with solder.

So be sure to always check the charging port of the machine by plugging / phone with charger and see if there is little response time in the battery bar on the screen while charging. The phone is practically useless if you can not pay.

11. Check the microSD card slot (if available) to see if it still works

Despite the growing popularity of smartphones huge internal storage, most phone users still believe that the microSD card slot as a really essential element in smartphones.

So if you are considering buying a microSD card compatible smartphone, it is recommended to check the card slot also works well or not.

12. Ask the seller if the phone is already broken or rooted jail

iPhone jailbroken or rooted Android phones can be a good or a bad thing.

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