4 Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump

The speed and strength are important components of athletes in motion. Various jumping exercises like jumping, bounding and jumping were used in many ways to improve performance and increase vertical jump.

Not only beneficial jumping exercises to athletic performance, increasing fitness.

The following jumping exercises were used and tested by athletes and coaches to increase vertical leap and performance.

Below are 4 lower body exercises to increase vertical leap frogging

1) Bounds - Start jogging followed by a boost with the right leg and a prolonged tremor bring the front left leg (knee bent and the thigh parallel to the floor).

Try to hold the extended stride for a short time and then land on the left foot and immediately jump again.

To maximize this exercise jump, keep playing continuously extended on each foot stride and cover as much distance as possible.

2) Hurdle Hopping - This exercise involves jumping hip and knee to heel movements. Although directly in 2 foot jump forward on obstacles and then immediately jump or jump over the next hurdle.

Lift with your knees bent together, against his chest and land on tiptoe, and immediately continue the sequence of jumping exercises on subsequent obstacles.

Use both arms swinging to balance and increase vertical jump.

Recommended packages are one to three sets of 6 to 8 more obstacles (36 inches high) for this year jump.

3) Single Leg Hopping - The objective of this exercise is jumping to stand on one leg and push your leg standing jump forward and landing on the same leg.

With every jump, aim to leap higher.

Recommended jump joint exercise is 2:59 more than 30-40 meters.

4) Tuck Jumps - S
tanding right, jump grasping both knees to your chest.

Again with this exercise jump for jump higher with each spring.

Recommended for vertical jumps this year jump is one to three sets of 10 repetitions.

Note that if this is your first attempt at these jumping exercises, it is always advisable to consult a personal trainer for maximum performance and prevent injuries.

The jump above exercises are only a few, and to increase vertical jump.

In addition, these suggested vaults plays an important role in its continued practice of vertical jump performance.

As always, the quality of each jumping exercise is much more important than quantity.

Therefore, focus on the technique of each jumping exercise for best results.

The better the quality, the best way to jump each year, which will impact the improved power, and increased vertical jump.

Begin little training and gradually increase the workout for a period of time. The idea with these jumping exercises is less workout for best results.

Note the repetition, distance and height of each jump exercise.

Once you have entered the 4 jumping exercises, look to vary the routine with more unique jump exercises that will add more strength to their vertical jump and increasing fitness.

Others suggested jumping exercises are divided jumps, standing jump, jump depth of a box. If you want more of jumping exercises origin (or plyometric exercises) that will actually release your vertical jump, check out the link below.

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