5 Easy Tips Volleyball Training Vertical Jump

Volleyball is one of the sports that require players to have high vertical jumps. Players are able to jump higher and have the advantage of providing peaks and blocks. By forming vertical jump, you begin to increase your jump and improve your game as well. In your achieve high vertical jumps, you need to focus on developing the correct muscles. Here are five simple tips that you can use in developing their muscles to increase your jumping ability:

    Squat Jumps- Hold two dumbbells standing and squatting gradually until your knees bent in a right angle position and aims to jump explosively 10-20 cm high.

    Leg press - Sit on the floor, hands supporting your knees and make sure that your knees are comfortably angle. While knees bent, gradually bring the right leg to your chest and then extend your leg until it is fully extended and do the same with the left leg. Be sure to move slowly and correctly to avoid leg injuries.

    Skipping Ropes - Jumping rope is one of the leg exercises by professionals who can develop leg muscles, if done correctly. It helps build muscle fast twitch and increase your walking speed.

    Sprinting - helps develop strong muscles in your vertical jumps explosives.

    Slots and toes - a good exercise that strengthens quad, calf and buttocks. Using using weights, lunges and toe increases which will provide additional pressure on the legs and hardens legs for a power extra jump.

Follow these tips on how to increase vertical jump you because it can help you achieve your goal. Volleyball jump training manuals are a good training material, you can use because it provides graphics and instructions that you can use to run and perform the exercises correctly.

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