5 Simple Ways To Store Your LEGO Collection

Ways To Store Your LEGO Collection Has Grown Over The Years

In this article at five ways to help you sort your collection of LEGO. LEGO collection has grown over the years.

1. Jumble in a box.

This is how many people LEGO collections start and when you only have a few games or a small amount of bricks it works fine. It is also easy to store after playing like you can just plug everything in a box.

As your collection grows, you may find that this form of storage can be frustrating, especially when looking at specific small pieces. When all that Lego is in a box that it takes time to find each piece and allows a right racket swilling all these LEGO pieces around the box!

2. LEGO Lay-n-Go Playmat.

Across these play-carpet there are some fine weeks and although they are in a similar way to store using a large box, they have a frankly brilliant function. All your LEGO is stored in a huge round playmat that sewing strings on all edges which means that you can immediately correct after a hard day building just holding the rope and lifting, bish bash boosh, ease is that!

The Lay-Playmat NGOs is available online or you have a tricky series I'm sure you can hit something similar himself.

3. Arrange colored bricks in separate containers.

Colour classification looks promising, especially if like us you also called color to match, it's really easy for young people to help keep your own LEGO ordered and they are really helping to organize the fun.

4. Use a LEGO Sorter.

Another invention hipsters recently found is the LEGO sorting box. It is essentially a stack of four trays boxes having different sizes of holes in the bottom of each tray. The idea is that you take a handful of LEGO and bung on top of the stack of boxes, press boxes and all the small pieces fall to the bottom, average length of stay in the middle and great stay at the top.

The ingenious invention and even if your collection of LEGO has become too large to fit in this sort of case, you can still use to help rank your LEGO.

5. Separate type of brick.

Sorting by specific LEGO brick is where most of the end of LEGO collectors. When you collect to reach a certain size, it becomes increasingly difficult to find parts, it's just frustrating for you and your children. Thus, the best way to sort your collection of LEGO is to sort each type of brick in its own box. Now you can, as we have similar bricks together, we had only six boxes, so we worked on in a way that worked for us. We ordered bits like this.

a. The bricks 4 and 6

b. Boards

c. Roof bit

d. Sticks

e. All that is a 1 or 2

f. Random, bites and bobs draw.

g. All Minifigures and accessories. (The favorite of my son draw!)

This seems to work for us at the moment with the amount of LEGO we have. If you have loads and loads of boxes, as one (or two) trays of screening tools that you have in the garage with screws in the larger versions are perfect for LEGO. Then you can go all out and qualify for the absolute individual part. You see photos of people on the Internet with huge collections and how they rank your LEGO collection.

Hope these suggestions are helpful, but you decide to sort your collection with a certain things that your children help you un tipo-it!

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