7 Mobile App Business Reviews

According to the study conducted by Flurry Analytics, the mobile device owners spend an average of 2 hours and 19 minutes of interacting with mobile applications each day not. Figures published by TechCrunch show what EAT Google Play Market and iTunes App Store has more than one application Million Mobile. Here are seven essential steps to build a successful mobile:

Step 1: Functionality

Your mobile should work EATS included in its development plan. For example, if you plan to develop a native application, not use the specific programming language of the relevant platform (Java for Android OÜ Objective-C for iOS). Also, create a mobile application w
hat does one thing very well.

Step 2: Value

There is no point to develop a mobile application that is of little value to end users. To create a useful application, begin by studying and researching the mobile ecosystem implementation carefully, including the types of applications available, your target audience, so DOWNLOAD EAT statistics for your niche market. Armed with this information, identify a public harm ou completely ignored and create an application to solve the problems of consumption / existing needs.

Step 3: Drawing

The design can break ou joined the chance of an application. Remember self, mobile devices have smaller screens compared to typical desktop PC and laptops. This aspect alone is reshaping mobile design approach not. For this reason, Joseph Labrecque, a SENIOR Interactive Software engineer at the University of Denver, warned application developers not to exclude the design of established ideas. This is because consumers have learned to expect a certain application templates to use specific mobile platform.

Step 4: F

The application you build should be as easy to use as possible, which means you need to do graves choices when it comes to the elements, these buttons EATS and user interface (UI). The golden rule is to keep the interface elements, the minimum country.
Step 5: Performance

Users of mobile devices expect that the applications they use to download content very fast. Avoid Flash Mobile Application Development iOS because it tends to be unproblematic. If you want to create an application for Android and iOS devices, no cross compilation because you'll end up with performance problems. Instead, to create the platform specific applications.

Step 6: Uniqueness

Do not develop a replica of an existing application, because you can face the end users e will even face legal action on the violation of copyright. In fact, in 2012, Electronic Arts sued for plagiarizing the Zynga game mechanics UN and non-design "The Sims Social". In February 2014, Google and Apple repressed clones "Flappy Bird", an addictive game that led the arrest in January Download As. The so-called "Flappy Bird" knock-offs never gained traction and popularity not even EAT original game, because mobile users have become quite experienced and can tell no difference between original and cloned applications.

Step 7: Off line resources

Most Mobile users often become frustrated when they can not itself use an application to cause a network signal is weak. For this reason, it is Sabio for the development of the application with offline capabilities (storage regional information Settings). In conclusion, as the statistics from Nielsen show that smartphone owners in the US have an average of 26 applications. To ensure that the application of remote loading of users, you must consider factors EAT offline use, uniqueness, functionality, design, value, usability and download speed of content during the development phase United Nations.

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