9 Essential Things To Do When You Visit Latvia

This country, the Baltic banks is in the fertile plains covered by vast tracts of forest. Since the USSR, Latvia gained its independence on August 21, 1991. The nation is one of the strongest growth of gross domestic product reviews in Europe in recent memory. It is a very beautiful country, both in urban and rural areas and the city center of the capital, Riga, was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its unique examples of architecture.

1.) Dome Cathedral

This old building was erected in 1211 after German Crusaders made the population subject to conversion to Christianity. It is the largest church in the Baltic region. Do not miss the hearing organ of the cathedral, with its nearly 7,000 pipes, an amazing machine, world-class national treasure.

2.) Church of St. John

Located in Riga, this church was built in the fourteenth century. It consists of a mixture of Gothic architecture and Romanesque.

3.) Holy Trinity Church

Speaking of churches and organs, it is located in Liepaja, the third largest city of Latvia and an important port. Mass here and listen to the greatest game unrepentant organ pipes of the world, with its 7,000 pipes and 141 stops.

4.) Karosta

Ever wondered what life on the other side of the Iron Curtain was like?

5.) Liepaja

This Baltic port remains relatively free of ice during the winter. Tourists can dine and attend the many dining establishments in the city center, then go for a walk in Seaside Park. The city also offers a beach that is touted as having the whitest sand in the Baltics.

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6.) Hunting

The prevalence of unspoiled countryside means there are plenty of game to be had in Latvia. Deer, wild boar, moose, beaver, lynx and wild birds are some of the animals available for hunting. SFS (State Forest Service) is the main authority administering hunting laws, so be sure to coordinate with them if you plan to go hunting. Be aware that Latvia is also in accordance with the laws of hunting EU.

7.) Freedom Monument

In the center of Riga is the statue of 42 meters of a woman with arms raised, holding up three stars.
8.) Sigulda

This ancient city is located in the Gauja River. Tourists can roam the waters during the summer and skiing in winter. Among the local attractions are Turaida Castle and Museum as well as local caves.

9.) Jurmala

Fifteen minutes by train, this seaside resort stretches along the Gulf of Riga, near the river Lielupe.

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