9 Great Plyometric Exercises To Improve Your Vertical Jump

Plyometrics was invented by the Soviets in the 60s and used to dominate Olympic sports in the decades that followed.

They are particularly useful in sports that require short bursts of power and irregular times as you increase the power and explosiveness.

If you are looking to improve your vertical jump, you must incorporate plyometric exercises into your workout routine. Over the next few paragraphs, we will explore some of the best plyometric exercises that can be done to improve vertical jump.

1. D
epth jumping

To perform a depth jump, you need a raised platform around 0.4 to 0.7 meters. Stand on the platform and fall; when you press on the floor to jump as high as you can swing your arms to gain maximum height and distance.

Repeat this routine operation 5-8 times.

epth jumps build all the muscles of the legs and are great for increasing muscular leg strength and vertical jump explosion.

2. Jumps slalom

Draw a line with a piece of chalk and stand beside him. Slalom jumps improve agility, speed, endurance and joint mobility.

Tuck jumps

From a standing jump as high as possible, waving his arms upward to reach the maximum height. Bring your knees inward until it touches your chest and reach a folding position. In the descent to lower your legs hard until they touch the ground, then jump again, repeating the jump.

Repeat this 8-10 times and do three sets.

This is a great exercise for building raw power and explosiveness.

Side Leg Push offs

Support for the side of a raised platform with one leg resting on it. Jump as high as possible, pushing with his rest in the leg and landing on the other side with alternate leg now rested on the platform. Repeat 8-10 times.

This is a great exercise to build leg strength, coordination and agility.

It arms heels

This is similar to tuck jumps except that your arms are firmly planted on the sides during the jumps.

Again repeat the jump 8-10 times and perform 3 sets.

No arm jumps are great for increase vertical jump and leg strength.

anyards jumps

Start with a classic slot position and jump as high as possible alternating both legs in the air to reverse starting position. Repeat this 8-10 times.

anyards jumps are particularly useful for improving the flexibility and agility. It is a very great exercise for vertical jump.

7. B

From a standing position, down to the floor assuming the classic press in position. Make sure to jump as high as possible and landing perform another burpee immediately. To do this, ten times and perform two sets.

8. S
tar jumps

Stand straight with your hands at your sides. Go and lift the arms and legs on the sides.
9. Burpees and Star Jumps

This is simply a burpee culminating in a star jump. Repeat this 8-10 times and do two to three sets.

There are many more plyometric exercises that can be performed to increase the explosion.

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