A Brief History Of Lego

History Of Lego You Should Know

Modern Lego has been around for over half a century. But in fact, a brief history associated with Legos toys dating back many years. The real Lego Group was launched in Denmark in 1934 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a father who has tried to be very skilful in producing wooden toys. For over a decade, the organization has successfully sold a number of sliding wooden toys along from creatures to vehicles.

In the late 1940s, the company created what was considered a huge expense when creating a blow plastic machine. "Automatic Bricks together" Although somewhat not the same as the Lego blocks that we have today, this particular development from how it has become the modern Lego. Similar in size, type and function, Great automated rock union was strengthened by the organization. in 1954, the organization has officially registered the title of "LEGO" as a brand.

The introduction of large current Lego Rock Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, son of Ole, who was now an energetic executive, came up with the idea of ​​creating a "game system" depending on the proximity of your piece of Lego. This technique gave rise to the first Lego models. The great rock and modern design LEGO were patented in early 1958 and took five more years to perfect the types of materials for it. Incredibly 1958 bricks continue to be compatible with modern brick today!

During the 60 became the name of LEGO children and an international sensation. At the end of these 10 years, the experienced team provided real Lego Lego in additional forty two nations in the world and opened a style park in Denmark, which attracted over half a million visitors in its first year. In the 70 Lego branched create toys in relation to children, girls, preschool, and advanced entrepreneurs. In these 10 years has caused particular two major changes for Lego: The traditional Legos defines the themes and also the world famous figures Legos, also known as or even Minifigures Figurines. The current organization is rapid increase in the eighties and 90 with the expansion of education, video games, catalogs, mail order, the actual launch of Lego official website and stores the brand company worldwide.

In 1999, Lego began using styles allowed to promote their products. Star Wars, the first certificate of introduction would be a winning record for the organization. Since then, Lego offers smart partnership with a number of symbols and animated films to produce themed designs, including Legos Batman, Harry Potter Legos, Legos Indiana Jones Lego Spongebob, Spiderman Legos, Legos Toy Tale, and much more.

Today LEGO actual organization continues to grow. As the company looks to the long term, two things will be particularly large rock Lego is from the middle of its development of technical toys and Legos can continue to encourage creativity associated with young and old builders alike.

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